What is Startup-Based Learning and How is it Helpful?

How did Larry Page and Sergey Brin come to establish one of the top tech companies in the world? How did Elon Musk have the appetite to sell an already successful company and start two risky ones? How could Jack Ma visualise that e-commerce is going to be the future of world trade and how did Steve Jobs build a brand that is still going strong? Many may tell you that most of these successful entrepreneurs reached wherever they reached merely based on their innovation and risk-taking ability. But what they often omit is that the market was different when Google or Apple came into existence.

Not to undermine their founders’ efforts, but today you cannot just jump the ship. And even if you do, there is no guarantee that you will find the landing, a risk that you may not want to take. Thus, there is no harm in spending a couple of years at the top PGDM college in New Delhi and pick up modern entrepreneurial skills through a Startup-based learning curriculum. It will not only help you to start your business right but also enable your brand to sustain itself for a long time, just like Google, SpaceX, Alibaba, or Apple.

What is Startup-based learning?

As evident, in Startup-based PGDM learning, a part of your management course is focussed on building an entrepreneur out of you. This means you learn your subjects as if you are about to build a startup, gain skills that are necessary to begin and sustain a business, and develop that X-factor that most successful entrepreneurs have today and all these happen as an essential part of your curriculum. When you train to become an entrepreneur, you automatically become risk-takers and innovative thinkers and even if you decide to join the workforce after your B-school, your mindset and skills will be valued by companies all around.

In this age of technology where automation is bound to take up most of the menial tasks of decision making easier, the top brands look for managers who are critical thinkers and problem solvers. Most PGDM courses will teach you on these lines. But when you study in a curriculum that infuses Startup-based learning, you not only pick up these vital managerial skills but also learn about the abilities that you need to possess to survive in this entrepreneurial ecosystem. The best PGDM colleges in New Delhi are all about preparing you for all possible outcomes. Whether you choose the avenue of a job or starting your own business, you will step into the corporate world as a trained manager.

How does a Startup-based curriculum look like?

Merely learning about funding and exit strategies does not make you a skilled early-stage entrepreneur. Neither does following the tips and studies of the top successful entrepreneurs of the world. You will need more in your curriculum to call it truly Startup-based and it will typically have the following features.

  • Startup-centric lab and training to give you the required exposure
  • Curriculum set up in collaboration with top companies to build your knowledge as per the industrial lines
  • AI integrated PGDM courses that make your knowledge and skills futuristic
  • Global curriculum to not only give you an insight into the international market but also to pave the way for global jobs

Plus, you will have internship opportunities like standard PGDM courses but a Startup-based curriculum will give you the opportunity to learn directly through interning in Startups alongside big companies and workshops and events where visiting founders will be giving you insights about the world out there. To reiterate, your overall PGDM curriculum will make your Startup-ready as it will make you job-ready.

How can Startup-based learning help you?

The top colleges in Delhi for PGDM maintains such a curriculum solely to make you the manager of the future. Gradually, the top companies are introducing the startup culture into their offices. Startup themselves are looking for employees with an entrepreneurial mindset to work in their brands. And of course, if you decide to start your business, every skill that you can pick up from a Startup-based PGDM curriculum will always remain an asset to you. In every way, this particular learning technique is a necessity today.

The EMPI B-School, New Delhi, follows a Startup-based learning curriculum in all of its PGDM courses. The approach is interdisciplinary in nature designed in collaboration with companies like IBM, JLL, ManpowerGroup and so on. Plus, EMPI’s SUV Lab Startup Venture co-developed with MNCs helps students further to add that critical entrepreneurial element into their management learning. So, going forward, any other PGDM curriculum is hardly an option for any aspirant. Startup-based learning is the pedagogy that you need.

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