How to Surely Crack Your Next Job Interview?

Being a management student in an esteemed PGDM college in NCR, you have probably had your fair share of interviews. If not in for a job but definitely to the recruiting board of at least one college. And then there are the mock interviews in your course, all of which must have already helped you to pinpoint the basics of cracking an interview. The right body language, the perfect conduct, a firm handshake upfront, and so on. Many will get these parameters right, many won’t. But what provides the X-factor in your approach will ultimately matter in confirming your job in the upcoming face-to-face. So, whether it is for the summer internships or the main placement drive, prepare on the following lines to add the ingredient of surety to your next interview.

  1. Keep yourself up-to-date with the current market

Of course, you will be researching the company for whom you will be next interviewing, but make sure that you know all the major happenings within the brand’s industry. This, by no means, is a one-day job. You cannot catch up in a few hours just by reading the company’s website. From the word go, visit your college’s libraries, pick up business magazines, and keep a keen eye on the daily news. By the time the interview comes, you should be well-equipped with all the information and your recruiters will rarely be able to catch you off-guard.

  1. Find out loopholes in your CV and close them

Amidst polishing your posture and learning the names of the CEOs, many graduates forget about the loopholes that silently hide in their own CVs. Dawn the interviewer’s hat and study your resume. Ask yourself questions from every angle as if you are trying to scrutinise your own candidature. Then, form stunning answers to these questions. Not the textbook types. And go on improving on them until you actually spell them out in the interview hall. This way, you will be prepared to defend your choices. Nothing will matter if you cannot explain your own CV.

  1. Focus on domain knowledge and show your adaptable side

Your wealth of market-related information may surely impress the interviewers but what they truly care about is your domain knowledge. Once past the gates of the company, the business will want to access your hard skills. Only through your knowledge that you pick up in colleges in Delhi for PGDM can you contribute towards the company’s growth and efficient management. Hence, throughout your course, lay supreme priority in building your domain knowledge. And concurrently build the mindset to be adaptable. In short, employ your tactics but refrain from treating them as absolute methods.

  1. Seek help from your seniors

Experience is still the best teacher and your seniors will have that. They have already been to summer internship interviews. They have sat for placement drive interviews. They have made their mistakes and they have faced the tough questions. On any given day, your seniors are your best mentors who can tell you what the interviewers expect from their candidates, which companies focus on what, and so on. Spend time with them. Tap into their recent experiences. Practice answering questions with your seniors, if possible, and allow them to be your guide both before and after your next interview.

  1. Take smart questions into the room

You have surely heard about the instant where the recruiters will give you an opportunity to ask them questions and how it looks unimpressive if you do not have any. Well, it appears that much mediocre if you ask irrelevant or uninteresting questions just for the sake of asking. During your research phase about the company, make a genuine list of queries whose answers are not available anywhere. Maintain the professional aspect in your list and try to catch the interviewers off-guard for a change. Be smart, ask to impress. Back it up with a statistic if possible and create the right impression.

At the top PGDM colleges in Delhi, you will never have any dearth of resources to sharpen your interview skills. What you need to understand are the ways to prepare right and doing your best to stand out from the crowd. EMPI B-school, New Delhi, is such an institution with an abundance of resources and opportunities. If you can keep your focus and build your skills right, EMPI can become your getaway to the top companies of the corporate world. The PGDM course is the time to work on your professional abilities. Your B-school works hard to assist you to improve right. Give your interviews the importance they deserve and keep the learning curve headed forward.

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