PGDM vs PGP: Which One is Best Suited for You?

A higher degree or a niche certification has always had worked in favour of the candidate in possession of the same since times unknown in the corporate world. And if those lie in the managerial stream, the recent decade offered lucrative opportunities to the modern professional crop. Hence the popularity of courses like MBAs, PGDMs and even PGPs, which when obtained from the top PGDM colleges in Delhi, can truly escalate any aspirant’s career by a few notches. Amidst all this rush to add an extra degree into one’s portfolio, the real question that you need to answer is which one is suited for you. Should you go for PGDM and take a long stride in your career or settle for PGP and take it step by step?

When is PGDM suited for you?

Before exploring the opportunities that will come your way after you complete a PGDM course, you must clearly understand that the PGDM is not like any other diploma. Although the acronym expands into Post Graduate Diploma in Management, modern companies give it the same prominence as the Masters in Business Administration or MBA. So, you will have the same offers from the same companies, irrespective of the fact that you are a PGDM holder that is technically a diploma.

With that established, PGDM is a full-fledged 2-year course in any of the best PGDM colleges in Delhi and you will have to devote your entire time in picking up the required managerial skills. The best time to pursue the course is when you are fresh out of your graduation and intend to step in directly at a higher level in the corporate hierarchy. You may also pursue it after gathering a few years of work experience in the field but that will require you to leave your current job and focus on your schooling only for the ensuing 24 months. But be sure here that placement after PGDM is almost always guaranteed. If you are looking for a quick promotion or a direct switch to an upper managerial level, PGDM is definitely for you.

When is PGP suited for you?

Again, start exploring PGP by recognising the clear difference between a PGDM and a PGP. While PGDM is a diploma, PGP translates into Post Graduate Program and provides you with merely a certificate of completion. And unlike the PGDM, PGP does not encompass all the required subjects of management first and then moves on to a core area. You can pursue a PGP course in a niche stream only, to learn the managerial aspects of a particular sector or gain skills quickly without giving as much time as a diploma.

PGP is perfect for working professionals who have already risen to a decent level in the corporate hierarchy. It is also an option for candidates who want to add an extra skill to their CV without leaving their current job. For instance, you can simply pursue a PGP course in Digital Marketing as an established marketing professional to pick its technicalities. You may also want to learn about the E-commerce sector quickly if your company is planning an expansion. Such quick knowledge may not require the broader umbrella of PGDM. A PGP course from a top college is more than sufficient.

How do you decide definitively?

You will need to consider a singular parameter before coming to a definitive decision. Do you aim to become a top manager soon and want to learn managerial skills? Or are you okay just by exploring a specific niche and then rise through experience? Without a doubt, the second approach is time-consuming and your career goals will have to wait until you have gathered the necessary credentials to rise to the top brass. Unlike PGP which simply adds a skill to your CV, PGDM makes you manager-ready. You become eligible to see yourself directly near the top and in no time you shall reach the coveted boardroom that all professionals ultimately aspire to enter. For that quick rise, PGDM has to be your stepping stone. PGP cannot lay such a foundation for you.

And while you are contemplating the diploma route, be sure to choose PGDM courses in Delhi from only the top B-schools like EMPI B-School, New Delhi. Here, the PGDM course is strictly corporate centric and you learn your lessons in association with companies like IBM and Manpower. At EMPI, you will pick up skills that the industry needs and always see yourself heading the pack when it comes to impressive job opportunities. Take your career forward by choosing right. Get into the top college and pursue what will surely propel you.

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