Scope Of MBA In Marketing

Scope Of MBA In Marketing


Scope of MBA in Marketing Cover


Scope Of MBA In Marketing EMPI 1

An MBA degree opens the career options for you. From among the various options of specialization in MBA Marketing is the most popular choice. MBA in marketing can give you multiple fields to choose from
1. Advertising
If you are a creative person you can choose the fascinating field of advertisement. Advertisement in itself has a wide scope of selecting. You can become a copywriter or media person or become a freelancer.
2. Market research
As a market researcher, you collect data from the market, analyses it and present the information to the company or clients. top pgdm colleges in delhi ncr The information that you provide helps them in making informed decisions with respect to the marketing strategies.

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3. Business development
As a business development manager, you need to identify new clients and pitch the products or services to them. You also need to maintain good relations with these clients and communicate them about new product developments.

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4. Sales
As a sales manager, your job is to achieve the sales target by managing the sales team of the organization. You also need to determine ways to improve the sales process and set budgets.

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5. Customer Relationship Management
The customer relationship manager is responsible to provide services to the clients for giving them satisfaction and thus maintain a positive, friendly relationship with them. MBA Pgdm Colleges in Delhi Ncr Apart from this, they are also responsible for generating new business and identifying opportunities for greater profits.

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6. Digital Marketing
One of the hottest job profiles in marketing. The Digital Marketing managers are responsible for the planning and execution of digital marketing strategy of the organization. They work with the marketing teams for launching the digital campaigns of the organization.

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The list above is not exhaustive and each profile can further describe sub-profiles. If you are a marketing student there are many options for you to choose.

Dr Sonal Purohit
Faculty Marketing
EMPI Business School.

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