How to Stay Creative When Things are Monotonous?

Creativity has become a buzzword of the corporate circle. More than candidates with expertise, companies are looking for people who can combine talent with creativity and get the job done in unique ways. And if you have ever been creative, you should know that a monotonous ambiance kills imagination and inhibits your creative juices. Inspiration then becomes hard to come by and the right side of your brain completely shuts down. This will not help your job where the supervisor is expecting you to break through the problem with your creative mettle.

So, how do you get creative when things around you are monotonous? How do you imagine new things and possibilities when the atmosphere is without change? The secret often lies in the basics that you have been put through in the top PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR which can become your starting points of rebooting the creative system.

Do things that put you in the flow state

As you may have learned, flow happens when you are so immersed in your work that you lose all track of time. You are hyper-focussed, productive, less distracted and mindful. To get creative at your work, enter the flow state not only in your office but also when you are living your personal life where work does not take up your focus. For example, while reading a book in a café or going out for a walk without your gadgets. Your mind will detach itself from the boundaries of work and restart itself to provide innovative solutions. Consciously put yourself into flow whenever you can and then notice your rate of creativity. Often, all the mind needs to kickstart the right side is some distraction-free time.

Sleep on it (or not)

A tired mind is creative. But so is a fresh mind. Depending on what you are working on, time your thoughts before or after your sleep. Say you have to create an attractive presentation that should really capture the board’s attention. Keep the animations and graphic designs for the night when you are more creative in terms of designing and writing. The mathematical and analytical part should happen right after your morning coffee. You are alert then and mathematical creativity will come naturally to you. Notice how the top PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR schedules their activities. The complicated classes happen in the morning while the extra-curriculars are kept for the evening.

Use your negative emotions

Monotony will flood you with negative emotions. Frustration, anger, grief, exhaustion. While most try to escape these emotions and search for positivity constantly, these feelings can actually help to fuel creativity if you know how to harness them right. If you are feeling frustrated about the monotonous routine of your college or job life, use that frustration to bring out a creative solution to change things. Allow the frustration to build your determination rather than slowing you down. Similarly, you can express your anger positively by completing a task before the given deadline by infusing creativity in the way you normally do things. After all, emotional intelligence is all about channelising your negative emotions into something positive.

Spend time with your networks

Conversations are the best places to find inspiration. And when you are bored, take it as a signal to broaden your horizons of conversations by including more people into the fray than your normal circle. Sign up for activities that you previously did not think is your cup of tea. Go to events that might not reside in your core field. Volunteer, pick up a new hobby or join an online class. Any top B-School in the Best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR will have no dearth of events and activities that you can explore and experiment with where you can meet new people and have different conversations. Creativity will then suddenly strike you as an epiphany as you form newer networks and talk about different topics.

EMPI’s focus has long been on making creative entrepreneurs rather than just trained managers. Even in the packed schedule, EMPI provides the freedom to its students to be explorers and achievers. The curriculum is designed with creativity at the centre so that EMPI graduates can naturally think out of the box, stay self-motivated in monotonous situations and find solutions that are unique from all respects. Human beings are naturally creative. However, when the ambiance is not right, we are also capable of calling on our creative prowess. This is an art that all managers need to master as that is becoming the demand of the 21st-century.

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