How You Can Give Better Presentations Without Memorising?

If you are keen on giving a presentation and make an impression, the key is not to cram up but make yourself familiar with the concept. Although the easy thing to do is memorize and blurt it out during the presentation, it wouldn’t make an impact on the listeners and often can sound mechanical.

Whether it is a college presentation or an office pitch, the goal is to connect with people via your presentation. You can also give it a personal touch which will set it apart from the others irrespective of how generic the topic at hand is. The top PGDM colleges in Delhi/NCR make it a point to conduct training sessions where students learn how to give a proper presentation without memorizing. Remember that if you want to succeed in the long run, making a lasting impression is mandatory and that can only be done through your words.

Here are the ways by which you can easily give a solid presentation without memorizing:

  1. Comprehend the Idea

Memorizing comes with its risks. No one wants to go blank in the middle of a large crowd and fumble for words. Even if you have the best memorizing techniques and skills, there are several factors that may cause you to forget a thing or two. During this time, there’s nothing else you can do and the quality of your presentation goes down. That is why the best PGDM colleges in Delhi Ncr stress on the students to familiarize themselves with the concept. If your basics are clear, you won’t need to memorize anything. Even if you forget something in the middle, it won’t be a disaster because you are thorough with the concept and find a solution to the situation.

  1. Question and Answers

The second risk that comes with memorizing is that you are unable to answer the questions that may come from the audience as well as from yourself. Only memorizing the entire presentation is a classic example of “shallow learning”. You need to get to the bottom and start asking questions. Going on and on in a linear way means you stand the risk of making the presentation boring. You need to do something that will keep everyone focussed. Audience engagement is a good way to do that. Start raising interesting questions about the topic and ask the audience what they think. Prepare an answer yourself and discuss the possibilities with everyone during the presentation so that their attention is captured successfully and everyone gets a clear idea of your approach.

  1. Frame the Sequence

Preparing the presentation is something that needs to be done flawlessly. Whether you memorize or not, it is very important to keep the sequence in mind. If you have an idea about the different points that need to be covered, you can give a presentation effortlessly without any problems. Even it won’t require you to memorize the details. Take a moment and think about the topic given for a while to get an idea about the important points that will make your presentation insightful and interesting. Otherwise, it will be going off about a haphazard manner which can fail in providing the information that you are aiming for. Conduct thorough research and make a structure or sequence. This will also help you to send a clear message to the listeners.

The most important factor is time. Always keep a watch on the clock. You need to wrap everything up within the given timeframe. An incomplete presentation is as good as no presentation. That is why you must be consistent with your delivery and make it to the point.

If you only rely on memory, a lot of things can get lost while presenting. Before you expect the audience to connect with your presentation, you need to have a connection with it first and that cannot be done just by memorizing. The fluidity of speech is also equally necessary but allow your audience to engage as well.

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