What Is The Scope After A Management Degree In Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is the next big thing in the business world as per the who’s who of the analytical industry. Huge data is generated from different sources such as marketing, finance, HR, social media, call centre etc. Companies look for a skilled workforce to analyse this data which in turn empowers the company to make an accurately calculated decision.

What is Business Analytics?

If you have a knack for analytics and want to pursue this specialisation, understand the meaning of Business Analytics first. It’s a skill, practice that is applied to the past data to get an insight which can be used to strategize business planning. pgdm courses in delhi university Management students apply this skill to elucidate real-world data and make data-driven decisions. Analytics is the use of statistical techniques, Information system software, operations research programming. Analytics helps in exploring, discovering, visualising and understanding the trends in given data.

Why Management Degree in Business Analytics?

Management Degree in Business Analytics gives you an opportunity to explore a huge chunk of information, collect it, analyse it to meet strategic goals for a company. Business Analytics is used in every organisation like Financial services, Manufacturing, Technology, Health & Life Science, Professional Services, Education, Government, Communications, Energy/Utilities, Retail etc. Business Analytics is important as it looks for problem areas as per the facts and figures and helps in smoothening the process of decision making. It also helps in aligning the resources with the strategy, realising cost-effective response to the needs on a timely basis, improving organisational competitiveness, syncing financial and operational strategies, increasing revenue and sharing information with a wider audience. If these challenging benefits entice you, this is a career you should pursue.

Are You Eligible For A Career in Business Analytics?

Any candidate who is looking to opt for a management degree in Business Analytics should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least 50% marks. top mba pgdm colleges in delhi ncr The candidate should also have required score in tests like CAT/MAT/CMAT for admission in the Management programme.

Scope of Management Degree in Business Analytics

With the challenging business scenarios, companies are focusing on increasing revenue with the help of latest technology. Gaining insight to the business future helps the organisation to remain a step ahead in the fierce competition. Companies have identified the potential of past data in averting risk. India being one of the biggest markets, business analytics is booming with ample amount of implementation and usage.  Some specialised applications of Business Analytics

  1. It can be used to comprehend past and present market situations – Descriptive analysis
  2. It can be to assess past business performance – Predictive analysis
  3. It can be to formulate optimal techniques for profitable business performance – Prescriptive analysis
Business Analytics PGDM EMPI B-School

Career Option after Business Analytics Degree

Here are potential job titles that you can go for after you complete your 2yrs of management degree.

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Business Analyst Industry Expert or Project Manager
  4. Data Scientist
  5. Qualitative Analyst
  6. Predictive Modeller
  7. Technical Team Leader
  8. Market Research Analyst
  9. Big Data Analysts
  10. Business Intelligence Expert
  11. Data Analyst SAS Programmer
  12. Data Warehousing Expert
  13. Data Mining Expert


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