8 Movies Management Students Should Watch

Movies are a great way to extend learning beyond the classroom. Management students learn from case studies, competitions, real world experiences etc. But if you are looking for some practical experience use movies to engage and learn management skills.

Many times movies resonate a lasting impression which sticks with a person. You would agree with the fact that occasionally you mimic lines from the movies to express yourselves. pgdm courses in delhi university There are a number of inspiring movies which teaches manager …. How to be a Manager.

Here are 8 must-watch movies that will stir your business astuteness which all managers can relate to.

#1 Lakshya

Management Movie lakshya

The movies demonstrate an entire lifecycle of a person who is aimless in the beginning to a phase where he wants to give up things and finally he sets a goal for himself. A manager should learn to analyse a situation and then use the resources in hand to achieve his/her goal. To win a battle – say a startup.. plan well, be persistent, and keep yourself motivated to succeed.

#2 Dangal

Mangement movie - Dangal

Mahavir Singh was expecting that only a boy can complete his dream of winning an International Gold Medal. But then he decided to train his daughters to achieve his target. He teaches how talent acquisition is done if you are an HR professional. The manager should understand that every time she cannot hire a perfect candidate. She will have to identify candidate’s strength and weaknesses first and empower them to achieve their goals. Unlike Mahavir Singh in the movie understand the reason behind the failure and take necessary actions to use candidate’s full potential. Never miss a chance to coach and mentor the candidate.

#3 Rocket Singh

Management movie - Rocket Singh

The hero in this movie is an average student who wants to achieve big in marketing and sales as a career. top mba pgdm colleges in delhi ncr There are a lot of management lesson which a potential marketing manager should learn from this movie. Lessons like money shouldn’t be the only motivation for you when you start your career. A good marketer is one who has the urge and aptitude to sale. When you are pitching your product, do it differently with different people. If you can work on your interpersonal skill you just need to understand how to satisfy your client. The manager should keep a bird’s eye view to bring out the best out of his/her team.

#4 Chak De India

Management movie - Chak De India

Though SRK nailed it with his acting skills but he also portrayed a perfect leader in the movie. He showed how a leader can bring the team together. Similarly, a manager should harness his/her skill to bring in team integrity. A true manager has the ability to motivate his/her teammates by believing in them. Time and again manager should allow healthy aggression by channelling the fire in the right direction between teammates and at the same time he should be firm in maintaining discipline.

#5 “3 Idiots”

Management movie - 3 Idiots

The movie made us laugh at the biggest flaw of Indian education system. The one thing which every manager should understand “Bachcha Kabil Bano, Kamyabi Jhak Marke Piche aaygi!”. The dialogue “ Dono Tange Tudwa Ke pairo pe Khada hona Seekha hai sir” teaches that in the process of expecting way too much from yourself will make you weak rather never invest your time only in getting good grades but try to achieve excellence and success will happen automatically. Find out why you studying management, what is your motivation and passion behind it.

#6 Guru

Management movie - Guru

We all got inspired by the movie GURU. But there are certain lessons for managers to learn. First of all, if you have an idea, a dream (in lay man’s term), work hard to make that dream a reality. And to achieve your goal you need to be confident. Never give up before trying, like Guru Bhai in the movie who get the licence to work by complaining against the contractor. It is necessary to beat the fear and work on your dream. Connect with the people you work with and make sure your word counts. Foresightedness is something which you can develop over time when you plan for future. And that’s how you embrace success!

#7 Badmaash Company

Management movie - Badmaash Company

The movie revolves around young lads who starts their business using some unorthodox methods. Though the over-ambitious nature of the hero landed him into trouble. But this movie taught us how you should find your niche market. The movie gives us a moral lesson that you can run a successful business by going through the ethical route. So never cheat!

#8 Band Baaja Baraat

Management movie - Band Baja Barat

Again two young lads with a dream to make a mark in the event business. They start their business on one absolute vision – to run the business ethically. The film talks about how you can make your passion your work that you will enjoy. aicte approved pgdm colleges in delhi If you are entering a competitive market try to learn about your customer first and how to pitch to close the deal. If you want to start your venture, this is the movie for you!

Hope you learn a lot from these movies and imbibe qualities a manager should have. Get ready to take challenges!


Avnish John

Deputy Manager

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