Top underrated career options for PGDM students in India

When talking about career opportunities in India, the country is surrounded by enormous options. However, what’s been more on the traditional side comprises of engineers and doctors. Taking the current scenario into consideration, 21st-century jobs are outshining in distinctive areas like Data Science, Internet Marketing, and much more. In terms of courses being undertaken by the students, PGDM remains the prime choice and what matters the most is the career options available post their course. Now, that the country is progressing with time, so are opening doors to the PGDM graduates to different areas. Let’s take a look below and explore the top underrated career options for PGDM students:

  1. Sales: Gone are the days where a direct sale was the primary option offered to the PGDM graduates. The advancement in the economy led to the progression in professional working patterns as well. Now, the organizations offer varied opportunities in the area of Sales including both traditional as well as digital. That’s what is gradually grabbing the eye of the students. On the other hand, talking about the salaries, students in Sales are doing pretty well. The key skills required for exceptional sales revolve around strong verbal communication and a pleasing personality. Also, it’s both rewarding and comes along with flexibility.
  2. Writer: Sounds strange right? But, that’s the reality; the time has finally arrived where hobbies can be turned into a full time and highly paid profession. Nowadays, organizations are actively hiring content creators and writers, in order to enhance their presence throughout. The demand for writers is witnessing an upsurge and the packages being offered are fitting perfectly into the student’s criteria. Likewise, considering the skills required for a writer is excellent communication and writing skills. Top PGDM colleges in Delhi ensure that their students are provided with the best of training in communications and lay key attention over personality development.
  3. Teaching: There’s no doubt in the fact that teaching is one of the most respected professions in India. Considering the present scenario, post PGDM, students now, possess the opportunity to shape their careers in the area of teaching. The 21st-century schools and universities are primarily focusing on hiring the best of the industry talents and those coming from management backgrounds. The educators with broader industry knowledge dwell the students into their pattern, hence, making them industry ready right from the initial years of their education. In terms of the salaries, the teaching profession is considered to be offering one of the best salaries to the educators followed by several advantages related to health, holidays, etc.
  4. Business Process Outsourcing [BPO]: Outsourcing is one of the most underrated career options in India. Unlike earlier, where BPOs were all about call centers, they have outgrown to an advanced level wherein, the employees are exposed to the prime opportunities and that their performance is being monitored towards improvement. BPO is an excellent platform to enhance communication skills and work on personality development. For those seeking to establish their careers in the area of outsourcing, BPO is an exceptional platform to begin their careers with. Talking about the salary, a BPO professional can earn extremely well with their performance.
  5. Social Work: Undeniably, Best PGDM colleges in Delhi Ncr, comprise social work as an imperative part of their curriculum. The universities, nowadays, are majorly focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] activities wherein, their students are inculcated with the art of wisdom and empathy. However, establishing a career in the one is an excellent step towards social welfare development. Students post completing their masters can apply for CSR job opportunities and contribute their part as a career in the long term. Considering the salaries, here, the income varies from organizations to organizations.

With the introduction of innumerable areas of study, the career options for the students have automatically expanded. However, some jobs remain underrated. The above-exemplified jobs are one such example of the hidden careers which are often left misunderstood. The students are becoming extremely aware of the benefits related to these jobs and that the time isn’t far where these jobs will replace traditional patterns of the industry.

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