The Secret to Improving Your Team as a Manager

As a team manager, your responsibility is the most crucial. From assigning responsibilities to various team members and keeping a tab on the progress of the project, the manager has to play the most important role. There are a lot of factors such as efficient communication skills, organizational skills and the ability to multitask that are considered while appointing an individual as the team manager.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced candidate, the following tips will surely be helpful to improve the functioning of your team in the future:

  1. Achievable Goals

As a manager, there are certain circumstances where unrealistic goals are set by the person in charge which brings a scope of a lot of dysfunctionalities in the team. Rather than doing that, the good thing to do will be setting achievable goals that do not put immense pressure on the other members and help them plan out accordingly. The objective, however hard, must be fulfilled with proper coordination and planning which will not be possible if it is out of hands. Not to mention, it can also bring down the morale of the team. If you have experience studying at the best PGDM colleges in Delhi, you would be aware of this simple yet crucial principle.

  1. Analyze Employee Talents Before Assigning Responsibility

Not everything is everyone’s cup of tea- as a successful manager, you have to keep it in mind. There are different members of your team who specialize in different types of tasks. Therefore, before assigning duties, it is important that the manager understands and comprehends the individual talents and capabilities to determine who the best person will be for a particular task. In this way, you can also avoid micromanaging and infuse a sense of trust between the team mates. Just how the most reputed PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR helped to shape your leadership skills, you can also give opportunities to the respective talents of your team members in the same way.

  1. Independence is Important

Being a manager, you are an authoritative figure but at the same time, it is also vital to let the team mates be independent and carry out the assigned duties on their own. Certainly, it is your responsibility to make sure everything is executed perfectly but that will only happen when the team will learn to accomplish their goals independently. Supervision is important, no doubt, but that should not interfere with the individual growth of the team members.  It is also very important for trust-building purposes and works for the better because that way, you, as a manager can be more at ease regarding the future projects as you can already rely on your team.

  1. Be Open About Your Vision

Remember communication is key. At the beginning of any project, it’s best if the manager talks about his vision in details with the team members to check whether everyone is on the same page. While it is true that in some cases, last minute changes are inevitable and the team has to adapt to it but it’s only for the best if they are aware of most of the important targets from the beginning to chalk out everything accordingly. Your managerial skills are supposed to lead the team and being descriptive about your future goals and vision can certainly be a starting point for your subordinates.

  1. Be One with The Team

You’re the role model for the other members- there’s no doubt in that. Stepping into the managerial position means you are the point of reference to your team members. But at the same time, you must also be one with the team. To communicate with them regularly while maintaining a professional attitude and boost their morale are something that will help to improve the performance. The manager is supposed to lead them in every aspect but also maintain the sense of oneness where the team feels comfortable and confident enough to be open about their doubts and problems to the manager. Not to mention, this also helps to maintain transparency- a much-needed factor in every team.

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