Innovation Management – Definition, Features and Involved Risks

You can hardly imagine a successful business without any innovation. While there are a lot of statementsregarding what innovation management truly means, it can be simply described as the process of managing innovative or new ideas that would help a business develop considerably. In other words, it is also referred to as a system combining two factors such as management of innovation processes and chain management. It can be anything, starting from new ideas to the introduction of a new product.

For instance, the development of a new business organization is not the effort of one mind. It is the result of a cumulative effort of several minds and at first, it can be quite difficult to have a proper understanding of all the innovative ideas. That is where the importance of innovation management can be stated. It analyses the key aspects of all the new ideas put forward on the table and their long-term benefits for the organization before approving them to put into effect. The ultimate objective is to help a company retain its competitive spirit and stay ahead of its competitors to maintain the consistency of the profit margin or improve that in the days to come.

Features of Innovation Management

There are certain characteristics of the innovation management process that can help you to gain a clear idea of this concept.

  • Capabilities: This term is used to refer to the importance of the resources that are there to manage the innovative ideas of the organization. As mention previously, the result is never an individual effort but the collective effort of a team i.e. the innovation heavily relies on the team who are utilizing the resources to work on their unique insights. Note that financial capital is also a crucial aspect that is important to execute and manage the innovative ideas that are produced.
  • Structures: The infrastructure and organizational structures are of primary importance for the execution of innovative ideas. If the company has got a suitable structure that is required to support the new insights, it can be a monumental success in the future. However, stagnancy cannot be expected to yield fruitful results in this scenario. If the traditional chain of commands of the organization is implied on the innovations, it might not work as expected. Flexibility is always desired in this scenario.
  • Strategy: It is one of the most important aspects of innovation management that has a big role to play in the long-term success of the company. It is not just a deliberate choice but a well-calculated and analyzed set of ideas that will back up your innovation. In simpler words, it can be said that innovation is nothing but taking a step towards accomplishingthe already-set strategic goals.
  • Culture: Needless to say, that the organization must cultivate a pro-innovation culture to develop. The culture is what will foster the effective utilization of capabilities. From encouraging individuals to think out of the box and offering them the benefit of the doubt to helping them considering failure as nothing but just a minor bump in the road- it accommodates everything.

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Risks of Innovation Management

Studying in the best colleges in Delhi for PGDM will always help you to analyze both the positive and negative aspects of a certain concept. However, it is not necessary to see the risk as solely a negative aspect of this process. The most suitable way to look at it is when you’re considering the risk as more of a challenge or a hurdle that needs to be overcome.

  • Innovation management involves the risk of exhausting scope for any further improvement of the organization. That is because innovation management solely relies on the new ideas and plans of the team and does not go by the traditional norms of running the organization.
  • The other risk factor is the lifecycle of innovation. It is not in anybody’s capability to predict how long a particular innovation will be relevant in modern times. In a world, where software is taking over everything, the timespan can vary from months to several years.

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