Renaissance Day & Merit Award Ceremony – Event Wrap Up

A senior advised me – Don’t you miss the Renaissance Day & the Merit Award Ceremony!

It was the first time I ever heard of a pledge of this type being administered and accepted wholeheartedly by the students of any institution. Renaissance Day and Merit Award Ceremony” in EMPI Business School held on 9th of September 2017 was the place I saw it happen. The ceremony was centred on two main themes – a solemn pledge that would guide us throughout our lives and also about awarding the meritorious students for their academics a well as extracurricular performance.

Think about this, and you would find real charm and purpose behind this event.

EMPI B-School is doing a remarkable job by conducting such award ceremony as it not only appreciates the hard work of all the students but motivates others also to put in their efforts.

Let me walk you through the whole process. top pgdm colleges in delhi ncr Dive into the journey of achievements and the feeling of pride and honour.

The award ceremony was held in the large R&D hall. My batchmates and I along with the seniors were all eagerly waiting for the arrival of Mr P.N Sharma, Chairman of SINGER India Ltd the Guest of Honor for the evening.

The program started with the lighting of the lamp the Chief Guest, Mr P.N. Sharma, Mr Gurnam Saran, our President and other Heads of Departments while the Saraswati Vandana was rendered mellifluously by the senior students.

Then came the time when we took the pledge affirming to the higher ideals of life and conduct we would practice throughout our career and personal life. A very comprehensive pledge covering total honesty, integrity at personal life and workplace combined with our social concerns and responsibilities. It confirmed also a deep sense of patriotism and commitment to nation’s progress and cleanliness and environmental protection. Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi Ncr It included also our duty and gratitude towards our parents and others who have been helping us all through our lives. And finally, it acknowledges our respect and a deep sense of identity with the values EMPI stands for. For a time we felt like the newly recruited proud cadet officers of NDA the only difference being that this was an academic institution on the civilian side.

What made this so special?

EMPI B-School President and honourable The Chief Guest and EMPI President spoke to the students sharing the wisdom they had gathered through their wide and varied careers. enlightening words when they were addressing the management students.

Certificates and book awards were bestowed upon the meritorious students in appreciation of their work and thereby also encouraging the others or setting an example for other students.

This was the time when other students were getting pumped up… “Next time I’ll be there to take an award”

The program concluded with our National Anthem giving us the feeling of Indian-ness.
In short, it was a celebration of hard-work, commitment, and Persistence.

Let’s make an Innovative Future at EMPI Business School!

Paramita Chakraborty
Social Media Club
EMPI Business School.

Edited by
A.V. K. Murthy,
Professor Cum Co-ordinator (Library & Publications)
EMPI Business School

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