Top 8 Sure Shot Ways to Crack B-School Interviews

How to crack B-School interviews?

Here are a few commandments for you:

  1. Are you faking it?

The most common thing is parroted words that your coaching center has trained you in. But that does not work. Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi Ncr The interview panel has interviewed hundreds. They know when you are faking and when not. Be Genuine! No employer or institution wants a person who lacks honesty.

  1. Butterflies in your stomach?

Do you have that before an interview? If the answer is “yes”, my question is “Why?” The sky is not going to fall on your head and you are not going to be jailed. Tell yourself, “I will give my best. I will be calm and have control on my mind. Rest is my Karma.”

  1. Why do you want to do MBA?

Are you going for MBAs because someone told you to? Or, all your friends are going for it? Or, you think this is ticket to a job?

Ask yourself – Is that a good enough reason? Will a company hire you at the end of MBA because you did it for a job or others told you to?

Sorry my dear friend, but your purpose should be a mature one. It should be a well-informed decision based on which specialization (Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, IT, etc) you are targeting and why you have a personal preference for it.

  1. Gift of Gab

Yes. Everybody does not have it. But, your command over English language is critical. STOP writing in SMS language. Start reading good English daily. Read good editorials. Start listening good English daily. Get BBC or CNBC on your idiot box. Good communication skills cannot be developed in a coaching center in a matter of months. It takes time, patience, and practice. Prepare from a year in advance.

  1. How you carry yourself?

There are a rising number of students appearing in interviews wearing casuals. Will you go to a job interview in a corporate with jeans and t-shirt? I guess the answer is “no”. Then why to an interview in a B-School? You do not need to look like James Bond. But you should be in proper formals.

  1. Homework

Did you prepare well before going to the interview? If the answer is “no”, you are going to be either unselected or in waiting list. You should have sufficient information on (a) your graduation subjects, (b) the institute you have been called for interview, (c) current affairs. Lack of any of these three shows you lack the basic necessary seriousness about life and career that one should have.

  1. Presence of Mind

Be ready for surprises. top pgdm colleges in delhi ncr Take up any topic and try to come up with an explanation. Practice creativity and spontaneous answers to abstract questions. Suppose you are at Starbucks, just ask yourself, “Why are the tables round? Why not a square?” Or, when you are watching Game of Thrones, how different would you have written the same story? In Interviews, surprise questions are to test your presence of mind; and you need that a lot in business.

  1. Overconfidence

You may think you are the best. But there is always someone better. And the panel you meet will have years of experience that has made them way smarter than you can imagine. So be humble. Respect others. Many times, good candidates spoil their interviews due to over confidence.

Hope this helps.

All the Best!

Remember Michelangelo, â€œTrifles make perfection. And perfection is not a trifle.”

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Author: Subhanjan SenGupta (Marketing Professor EMPI Business School)

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