7 Skills Companies Look for in Summer Interns

Whatever you have heard about summer internships as aspiring PGDM graduates are all true. The company you get into does play a major role in your CV. The profile you work in determines the ease with which you can land a job during the actual placement session. And then there is always the chance that your summer internship company becomes so impressed by your performance that they offer you a permanent role then and there. All these actually happen. As you may already know by now, companies do not pick their summer interns at random. Just like the conventional interviews, they inspect your profile and search for skills that will complement their company.

So, to keep you on track, here is a list of the top 7 skills that most brands want to see in their summer interns. Take note, prepare well and get ready for the summer internship programs.

  1. Adaptability

The first skill that you will learn in the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR under MAT is how to adapt to the changing times. This is an era where domain knowledge is transforming every two-three years. What you know in management today, may see a new revelation tomorrow, and you must possess the mentality to adapt your know-how. Naturally, all companies prefer flexible candidates. Professionals who come to the job with an open mind.

  1. Self-learning ability

Can you teach yourself things? Are you curious enough to find out new topics and pick them up as a skill? Your self-learning capacity will set you apart in this competitive market and companies like graduates who bring a few skills right in the package. It can be a new language or an off-beat code, if you can show in your CV that you have researched and learned something all on your own, the company will take you as a candidate with grit.

  1. Emotional intelligence

All good AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Delhi will acquaint you with the term emotional intelligence in the very first semester and constantly work with you to build your EQ aspects. The top brands of the country accept that they now put EQ above IQ while recruiting their managers and naturally, the case will not be different while hiring the summer interns. Your conduct in the company will paint the brand’s image. No compromise can happen here.

  1. Team management

As a manager, you may be preparing for a leadership role, but you must also keep in mind that at every hierarchy, you will always be a part of some team. Especially as summer interns, you will be expected to gel well with your prescribed team and your team management skills will be tested. How well you understand each member of the team? Can you delegate and share work among the members as per the skills of the individuals?

  1. Communication

Not only verbal, but listening, written, presentation, video calls, and much more. Every recruiting company will test your communication skills based on their project needs and if you want to join the best for your summer training, you need to become a master of all. Take every opportunity to speak up. Brush your grammar and vocabulary. Work on your body language, build PowerPoint skills and close all communication loopholes as possible.

  1. Enthusiasm

All top companies treat their summer interns as any other employee. Often, they assign you live projects and even send you offshore to work alongside an experienced manager. Here, the recruiters will naturally test your level of enthusiasm and willingness to learn as no company wants to spend their resources behind a demotivated candidate. Show your will to learn and explore. Employers love candidates with a positive attitude.

  1. Professionalism

Although you are still undergoing your management training, the companies do not entertain that as an excuse for a lack of professionalism. The ability to respect authority, the sense to dress right, the way to speak in a business meeting, and your punctuality to important events. All of these will come under the scanner before your summer internship is confirmed. Here again, you must keep in mind that at no point will a company be willing to corrupt their ambiance.

The top PGDM courses in Delhi, like the one in EMPI B-School, New Delhi, hands you over all these skills that not only help you in your summer internship recruitment but also in the main placement session. The management college prepares its students to be on par with the expectations of their visiting companies. You learn from experienced faculties. You get the resources you need for research. Summer internships are your stepping stone to the dream job. Build your skills and get into the best.

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