Is It Time to Infuse Artificial Intelligence into PGDM?

When Artificial Intelligence was still in its innovation and research phase, you could easily categorise it as a subject of computer science. But after 2012, the time from when AI started to find its way into the real world, it could no longer be fitted into a singular category. Today, almost all sectors are gradually seeing the infusion of Artificial Intelligence into their day-to-day working and if a direct application is not possible now, the scope is definitely there for AI to arrive soon enough. One such area is management. And the top managers of the world already believe that Artificial Intelligence will certainly improve the quality of the prevalent management system. Objectively speaking, there can really be no debate about the infusing of AI into PGDM as that is where the world is headed.

The top PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR will infuse Artificial Intelligence training in all their PGDM courses as the technology has the potential to positively impact all management domains. Not only can it improve customer service but also contribute to better management and work culture. This post first discusses how Artificial Intelligence is all set to influence managers worldwide and then elaborates on the necessity of learning the basics of it in PGDM courses. Let’s get started.

Artificial Intelligence and its scopes in management

Before delving into the management areas where AI can have an impact, it is necessary to properly define Artificial Intelligence first in order to lay a proper foundation. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that can mimic human intelligence and carry out tasks like reading into a situation, planning a scenario, strategising based on it, and even take decisions. At the current level, AI robots can drive cars or win a game of chess, but soon enough, the technology can take over a lot of redundant tasks to free up time of top managers.

This is where AI has an impressive scope in management. Consider the following profiles or job roles and explore how Artificial Intelligence can truly enhance management and decision making.

  • Financial management

Be it risk managers or financial advisors, most of the work of financial managers revolve around verifying and compiling data and predicting an outcome based on it. Artificial Intelligence can easily take up this role of data management and provide managers with optimal scenarios wherein the top brass just has to infuse the human side. A lot of redundant work can easily be taken up by AI.

  • General management

General managers have to take a lot of parameters into account and are responsible for setting objectives ad goals that the company has to achieve. They also have to take their past experiences into the fray along with present market conditions and this is where AI can pitch in to make the data collection process simple. Artificial Intelligence can take more past experiences as parameters that are impossible for the human mind and naturally improve the overall decision-making process.

  • Human Resource management

Over 50% of HR managers over the world have stated that most of their time is consumed by administrative tasks. Human Resource managers do have a lot of repetitive tasks on their hands every month that AI systems can carry out efficiently. Again, with more time free on their hands, HRs can focus on key employee requirements and improve the workplace environment along with prioritising human aspects like motivation and emotional intelligence.

Take any other management area and Artificial Intelligence will have an application in all. And this is the reason why forward-thinking MBA & PGDM colleges in Delhi infuse AI in their PGDM courses.

The time to learn AI is now

Especially as managers, as evident from the above discussion. In a work domain where Artificial Intelligence will have considerable influence in every hierarchy of every company, you cannot expect yourself to supervise a team without any knowledge in AI. Plus, when businesses ultimately move forward to incorporate AI into their models for better efficiency and service, they will look for managers who have the needed skills. There is indeed no two ways about bypassing the knowledge of AI while pursuing PGDM. Look into the list of PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR and choose only those who infuse Artificial Intelligence into their management courses.

The EMPI B-School, New Delhi, is such a college that has AI infused in all their management courses in association with IBM. Your training is cutting-edge, with practical experience and exposure in AI-infused management styles as the curriculum is designed by the top experts of IBM and experienced faculty and advisory panel of EMPI. Step into the future and be thoroughly prepared. Only those managers who are technically sound are destined towards success in the upcoming world.

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