Key Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2021:

In the current scenario of COVID-19, the pandemic has taken major twists and turns in the global economy. The industries have been hit hard with the pandemic and that a lot has been impacted on their operations. However, now that the economy is finally coming back into shape, the industries and their trends are also, witnessing U-Turns. One of the major vicissitudes is set to occur in the area of marketing. Talking about the marketing trends, the digital marketing plans are grabbing the prime attention. Similarly, community-based marketing trends are expected to observe a considerable upsurge. Let’s take a look into the key marketing trends to watch out for in the year 2021:

  1. Virtual Event: With the COVID-19 impacting economies across the globe, the marketing standards have gone digital. The digital events have been welcomed by the customers and that the industries have earned a considerable return on investment. Talking about accessibility, the companies will aim to gather the best of the audience through their virtual event. Likewise, one of the prime benefits associated with virtual marketing revolves around its ability to seize a broader audience. As there are no boundaries and travel restrictions attached, the companies will try to get their brand overseas and enhance their presence on international grounds. In 2021, online events will certainly engage customers on a broader aspect
  2. The Power of Content: Engaging customers and getting them to explore the brand to a deeper extent is what every company wishes to possess. And so, in the year 2021, brands will focus on showcasing the creative content on their website which further will allow the customers to spend more time hunting online. For instance, the competitions, quizzes, etc. are coming out as the new way to get the eyes of customers on the products. Also, with the existing customers sharing the creative concepts being introduced by the brands are working wonders for them in getting the new customers and enhance promotions
  3. Social Media for the Go: With the dramatic shift being implemented in the marketing strategies, Social Media has turned out to be a hero. Social Media is observed to have been providing the most unexpected results for the brands. Similarly, for the small business, the presence of their pages on the top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are doing a miraculous job in promoting their products and services. The new customers are getting extremely attracted and that the brands are indulging in offering advertisements under suggestions and options as you may also follow. The engagement rate, also, has increased to a greater level. The top PGDM colleges in Delhi are ensuring that their students are made aware of the current changes in the economy
  4. Interactivity is a necessity: Gone are the days where traditional marketing focused on creating customer interactions through direct modes. With 2021 marking its way towards a more digitalized marketing approach, customer engagement and interactivity has become a necessity. The interactions with customers are ensuring excellent retention. Also, the brands are providing a platform wherein, the customers are opening up with their questions and receiving promised responses. Interactivity has become a necessity that both customers and brands are enjoying to a greater extent
  5. Decreased Marketing Budget: Earlier, companies spent a wholesome amount on creating a marketing budget which involved seminar, direct marketing, printing, and so many other forms. However, with 2021 emerging as a game-changer, companies have cut short their marketing budget. More of the budget is being spent on Email Marketing and Digital Marketing. Companies now are exposing their top experienced marketers and showcasing their multi-channel strategy to enhance their reach to their customers. The decreased marketing budget is working effectively well for companies and retaining the customers. Due to the pandemic, the business models have been significantly modified and that the marketing tends are taking a new shape in the year 2021

The marketing trends, this year, are said to become more digital and customer-centric. Customer engagement will be the key for the brands. The interactions will be primarily focused. Also, companies are expected to lay their attention on mounting their presence on social media platforms.

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