Health Hackathon hosted by EMPI Business School

EMPI Business School

Health Hackathon 2016

Welcome to HEALTH HACKATHON, the second Hackathon hosted by EMPI Business School, New Delhi.  On 19th and 20thNovember, 2016, all participants will congregate at the EMPI B-School, New Delhi, for the Hackathon co-organized by IncubateIND, EMPI B-School and Business World. The event is mentored by a number of experts hailing from the IT, Consultancy, Corporate and Health sectors, all doyens in their own field.


A Hackathon is essentially an intense effort by a number of IT geeks, programmers, top pgdm colleges in delhi ncr coders, subject experts and project managers coming together to develop software solutions for a particular theme  The idea is working on a high pressure competitive atmosphere focusing on a specific area to be completed within a short timeframe developing computer apps for that focus area.


The current event HEALTH HACKATHON is conceived by IncubateIND guided by a team of expert mentors comprising of Apurva Chamaria, Anil Chikkara, Gaurav Oberoi, Himanshu Goyal, Kartik Arora, Puneet Kanodia, Raj Pathak, Radhesh Kanumuri, Sanjay Saxena, Simi Anderson, Uma Nambiar and Varun Chandra and sponsored by Business world, BWDisrupt and Wittyfeed. It has the support of a number of educational and business entities as partners.


A large number of teams of 3/4 persons each have registered and a larger number have evinced interest in it. Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi As of now 30 teams are confirmed and over 180 are interested pending confirmation. This includes students from various institutes, consultancies and corporate.

As in the last occasion the Health Hackathon would run non-stop for 30 hours starting at 9 AM on 19th Nov. running on upto 4 PM on 20th Nov.


The winning teams based on their presentation would walk away with the following prizes:

First Prize: Rs. 25,000

Second Prize: Rs. 15,000

Third Prize: Rs. 10,000

Other Take homes:

Nothing can replace the sheer joy of working non-stop with a large number of fellow geeks in intense competition. Benchmarking one’s own skills. Learning additional skills from participants and their thinking styles. Learning from the smart tips from mentors and judges; and finally excellent opportunity for networking. What more can you ask for!!

Author: Prof. A.V. K. Murthy (EMPI Business School)

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