EMPI Business School Celebrates Bihu for the 1st time in the campus


EMPI Business School Celebrates Bihu for the 1st time in the campus

It was a usual morning on the campus of EMPI Business School but as the day got younger students started preparing for a bonfire. It came as a complete surprise when few students came out in front of the institute main building in an ethnic folk attire. From the midst of all the students, EMPI’s enthusiastic professor A.V.K.Murthy appeared in his Assam folk attire. Being the head of the Bihu event committee he invited the college students and staff to be present for a bonfire lighting ceremony. With the excitement building there came Mr.Gurnam Saran, EMPI Business School President who lit the bonfire and inaugurated the BIHU 2017 celebration.

EMPI Bihu 2017 with Gurnam Saran

Bihu is one of the biggest traditional festivals of Assam. It is equivalent to what is called Vaisakhi in Punjab and Vishu in Kerala. Bihu celebration marks the beginning of Assamese new year and the end of harvesting season.

Post bonfire, students gathered in the EMPI’s cultural hall to enjoy special Bihu dance and song choreographed by EMPI students themselves. It brought the fragrance of Assamese culture and celebration. After the cultural treat all the student gather outside for local Assamese games which students enjoyed the most.

Bihu 2017 Cultural sport

EMPI Business School believes in providing a multicultural environment to the students and thereby giving every student an opportunity to welcome all round development. Be it introducing them to different cultures and ethnicities across India and abroad. Every student who spend his/her 2 years of the academic session in EMPI B-School is bound to become market ready, filled with a broad range of knowledge and skills.

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