8 Top Skills Companies Want From a Management Graduate

There are jobs in the market but why are students getting rejected. Are employers getting unrealistic in expecting too much from the management grad students?

According to the employers, graduates are not up to the mark. They are rating fresh applicants as deficient in written as well as oral skills, analytical reasoning and critical thinking. Employers are looking for savvy graduates who can perform from day one. Graduates do have rosy internship experience on their CV. But where they lack is some tangible experience. Where is the disconnect?

What Employer Wants?

Companies perceive for graduates who should have senior management potential.pgdm courses in delhi university They believe that management graduates have exceptional skills to fulfil their needs. Here are 8 skills that employers are looking for

  1. Should Possess Good Leadership Qualities

Employers expect graduates to have a knack to deal with coworkers in a friendly yet professional manner. They should be well prepared to take decisions and handle a managerial position in the organisation. Companies try and access your leadership skill at the time of the interview, asking questions related to handling an event and what initiative would you take in a sticky situation.

  1. Should Possess Interpersonal Skills

You will be interacting with the clients and employees, you will require good people handling managerial skills. If you are in a managerial position you would be expected to understand people’s nature and attitude. A knack of interpersonal skill will help you stand a chance to fetch a job you desire.

  1. Ability To Keep Yourself Updated

The market is too volatile and the person who is at a managerial position should be ready to take the plunge. He should be ready to upgrade his skills as per the present market condition. Companies expect management graduates to be flexible and change as and when required.

  1. Supervisory Skills Are Vital When You Are In A Managerial Position

The supervisor should be proactive, creative and agile in the modern business world.top mba pgdm colleges in delhi ncr They should know how to get things done from their subordinates in the most peaceful and effortless manner. If you are at a supervisory position you should be an independent learner. You should always look at yourself critically. Employers expect supervisors to comprehend issues quickly and plan accordingly.

  1. Should Possess The Ability To Cope With International Standards

Most of the graduates fail to deal with international standards. You may be working with an international client where you are expected to understand different nations, work culture, work ethics etc. In order to bag an opportunity like this, it is suggested to hone your skills and get trained to match the international standards.

  1. Should Possess Negotiation Skills

Graduates who are in a managerial position and deals with the client should know how to negotiate and crack the deal. Good negotiation skill requires you to be well aware of the latest market trend. It’s a mix of active listening, controlling emotions, effective communication and the ability to recognise the need and solving it by striking a deal. Negotiation is a desirable skill if you want to work as a manager.   

  1. Should Possess Decision Making Skill With An Analytical Mindset

Decision making is an important skill a manager should have. Management graduates should have an analytical approach to address an issue. Foresight helps a manager to analyse the pros and cons and accordingly make a decision. Company tend to hire graduates who possess analytical skills and act on the situation practically rather than handling it emotionally.

  1. Should Possess Time Management Skills.

Managers are lined up with several tasks in a day. It becomes really difficult to tackle these tasks if you don’t plan it beforehand. Time management skill can help elude many candidates. Planning different activities need you to organise your to-do list and attack one task at a time. aicte approved pgdm colleges in delhi Try to eliminate all the distractions by taking fewer breaks when handling something important. People who possess multitasking ability usually proves to be a good time manager.

The list of above qualities is essential for all managerial candidates. So prepare for the job first and then getting into a good company will be a cakewalk for you.


Avnish John

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