Top 5 Facts How Alumni Are Making Placement Better.

Don’t you think Management Degree has become a ticket to the business world? Are alumni helping make placement better and how?

Though management students are in demand but how many of them land up in a managerial position. Where companies are making effort to hire the best of candidates for a managerial position, colleges, on the other hand, are on their hunting spree to place their students in the top MNCs.

1. Alumni – Face of the college

Alumni are the face of the institute in the market who have proved themselves. On the basis of the alumni, people judge the college. They are the ones who make their institute proud and the current students look up to them as mentors for a successful career. Colleges in Delhi For Pgdm Placement is one of the biggest contributions from the alumni and in this way they get a chance to pay back to their institute.

2. Alumni Network

Every alumnus is connected with the college through faculty and placement cell. EMPI Business School has a huge active alumni network who are associated with the institute through various programmes like

  1. They mentor students on an individual basis.
  2. They are some of the top guest facilities.
  3. They take regular interactive sessions to share their corporate experience.
  4. They actively participate in facilitating student placements.

3. Alumni Support

Alumni have been praised time and again for their active role in successful placements. Not only alumni have created a positive image of the institute in the market but also they prove to be a great help in terms of convincing their companies and HR department to run a recruitment spree in the campus. College keeps a complete track of alumni job profile and their rank in the company.

4. Alumni Speaks

There is a long list of alumni who are approached on regular basis for their feedback, their success stories, their achievements, their corporate experience. These updates are presented to the current students through social media channels so that currents students also can keep a track of their alumni and can connect with them on an individual basis.

5. Alumni Activities for the Students

Students who are in touch with the alumni have an upper hand to grab the opportunity for a career change, promotion to the next level, to get a foot in the door for an internship.Best Colleges in Delhi For Pgdm Alumni are most resourceful when it comes to interview and introduction. Students should be proactive to build a relationship with the alumni.

AdCoMM, Business Analytics, Human Resource and general management with courses like Digital Marketing have been EMPI’s forte from last 24 years. EMPI has a unique way to bring the practical aspect of the course into exercise to make every student job ready. Alumni find it easy to support the students to get through the placement process. EMPI is one such college which gets involved with the students and stays with them persistently to help students reach their pinnacle.

As one of the alumni said it is the skill that helps the students fetch his initial job but creativity, analytical thinking, persistence contributes to a successful career.


Avnish John

Deputy Manager

Digital Marketing Dept.

EMPI Business School.

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