Top 10 Benefits of Residential Campus

EMPI Business School follows an organised pattern to bring academic activities in a community like setting. Students and faculties form a high degree of autonomy and federated relationship on the residential campus. Here are top 10 benefits of residing in the campus.

  1. Running Late for the Class? Not Anymore!
Running Late for the Class? Not Anymore!

Education is the focal point of the residential campus learning environment. Making the most out of the residential campus classes where the student lives without getting late for the class. Colleges in Delhi For Pgdm Study with the friends making your own study group and feel home away from home.

  1. Polish your Skills with Extracurricular Activities.
EMPI Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities rejuvenate so as to take up new challenges in life. With a wide variety of activities, EMPIans are always occupied with lots in their basket. Activities like an industrial visit, off-campus trips, cricket tournament, business quiz, group discussion competition, regional festival celebrations and local sports etc.

  1. In-Campus Mentors
Mentors at EMPI

Every freshman gets a mentor as they enter the residential campus. Mentors are really important to get a sense of direction and follow your dreams with a predefined strategy. These mentors are none other than senior students who actively participates in EMPI, something like a man to man marking strategy (Hockey) to help the new students.

  1. Technology-Driven Learning
Technology Driven Learning EMPI

With a wi-fi facility in the campus, EMPI is one of the few residential colleges where classes emphasise technology. Students stay updated with the outer world, the latest business trends and technologically rich curriculum.

  1. Students can take Advantage of On-Campus Learning Assistance
EMPI's Learning Assistance

The learning assistance could be anyone, from experienced faculty to nerd nodes of EMPI B-School.Best Colleges in Delhi For Pgdm This learning assistance is available 24hrs on the campus for any student who wants to turn their grade from B to A. Learning assistance is always there to help.

  1. Know your Professors More
Interact with your Professors at EMPI

The residential campus is not only open for the students but also for the faculties. These faculties are given an opportunity to create an extended family with the EMPIans in the campus. Faculties are friendly and co-operative to assist every student in their academics. This is a rare gesture from the professors in the campus to boost more interaction with the EMPIans.

  1. Be a Positive Influence
Learn to Influence your society at EMPI

Being in the campus allows the students to participate in campus activities. EMPIans volunteer closely with organisations and be a positive influence in the society.

  1. Socialise to Improve Interpersonal Skills
Socialise to Improve Interpersonal Skills at EMPI

Students not only interact on the professional level but residential campus allows them to interact on a personal level. With similar aims and thinking, students are given a chance to be part of different groups like social media club, finance club, HR club etc. These clubs not only help the student to polish their skills but also help them gain confidence and improve their interpersonal skills.

  1. Be a Good Decision Maker
Leaders - In the Making at EMPI

At a residential campus, students are conditioned to achieve their full potential. At EMPI, students are encouraged to take up tasks where they act as leaders, brand ambassadors, evangelists, decision makers etc.

  1. Green Campus – Ideal Learning Environment
EMPI green campus

EMPI is one of the most green, pollution free campus in the picturesque south Delhi. Adjoining to the Asola wildlife sanctuary EMPI Business School campus gives a perfect serene environment conducive for learning.  

Be a part of the serene EMPI B-School campus!


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