Time Management in B-Schools – Your Secret to Success

How many times have you heard this phrase – all B-schoolers have it busy? Yet, the entire corporate sector around the world is increasingly growing wary about busy managers and becoming reluctant in hiring professionals who do not know how to manage their time. If you feel that you are going to be busy in your B-school, probably have to cut off ties with the entire world and stay submerged with the tasks at hand, you are then heading for an inevitability where you will be termed as “not good managers”. Instead, you must focus on how not to stay busy in your PGDM college, better manage your time, and come out as a professional who knows how to strike a balance everywhere.

In fact, the secret to better time management is no rocket science. These are lessons that you already learn in your PGDM course but often fail to apply them in your real life. So, here is a reminder of those time management tactics that the top ten PGDM colleges in New Delhi talk about so often and you can apply in your college life along with your professional career ahead. For effectively managing your time, try:

Setting realistic goals for each day

You will have a rough idea about your daily schedule. Plan your tasks accordingly and set realistic goals for each day. You will find people taking pride in biting off more than what they can chew and accomplishing more and more every day. In reality, that is a counterproductive mindset. If you have unrealistic goals that are impossible to achieve, you will soon lose motivation and get burnt out. That will do you no good and your work will suffer. Instead, organise your day to include tasks that you can actually achieve and feel productive once you have completed all.

Minimising your distractions

Business experts and productivity strategies are laying primary importance of minimising your distractions in this world filled with distracting objects. Constantly checking your emails or replying instantly to text messages takes your mind of the work that you are doing and refocusing again creates delays in drops that ultimately accumulate to form the ocean. So, while you are working on a project, completing an assignment or preparing a presentation, switch off your cell phones and block your email sites. This way, you will get more work done in less time.

Delegating your tasks to others

One of the key mantras that you will learn in the top MBA/PGDM colleges in Delhi is the power of delegating. The best way to free up your own time is to delegate all the possible tasks to someone else and procrastinating on the unimportant ones. The concept of doing all your work on your own and now is history. Today, you need to be smart enough to transfer a few of your responsibilities and delaying the unnecessary work. For instance, you really do not have to read the news every day to keep yourself updated. Talk to a friend who does and ask him/her to give you the headlines. You just delegated a regular work to someone competent.

Prioritising your present responsibilities

Good B-schools will talk about procrastination in combination with prioritisation. You cannot procrastinate for an eternity. That is not only unproductive but also stress-inducing. However, when you learn to prioritise your responsibilities, you perform disciplined procrastination, and that often leads to effective time management. For instance, right before your semester or trimester exams, you obviously divert your energy more towards academics than sports or music. It does not mean that the latter activities are unimportant but the former has to take precedence now. Like this, prioritise all your present responsibilities and selectively pick your tasks.

Avoiding multitasking

On tasks that drain equal amounts of effort. At the end of the day, most managers will have to multitask. But the best colleges in Delhi for PGDM teach you how to consciously multitask. A few tasks come naturally to us like breathing, walking or tying the shoelaces. Others, we have to exert considerable effort like reading a research paper, planning a presentation, or discussing a case study. You can club a natural task with an effort-draining task but never two effort-draining tasks. Thus, instead of setting an hour aside to plan for the presentation, you can do it while exercising. That way, you just freed up 60 minutes.

EMPI B-School, New Delhi, teaches its PGDM aspirants on these lines. The curriculum is application-based that helps students to learn management techniques and directly apply them in their real-life. Plus, EMPI prepares students as per the modern demands and time management is definitely a skill that recruiters want to see in new graduates. The mark of a good B-school lies here where they focus on the current skills realistically. Learn to manage your time. Avoid staying busy. This is indeed a vital secret to success.

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