The Best Way to Offer Negative Feedback

Feedback: A process that comes along with a blend of mixed emotions is an essential aspect of an individual’s life. The relevance of feedback work wonders in their careers. They can be either harsh or positive. However, what matters the most is the way they are delivered. Feedbacks can embrace an individual’s moral in a progressive method. Top PGDM colleges in Delhi  understand the relevance of feedback and consider the approach of delivering feedback as an art. Turning the negative ones into positive ones is what makes them acceptable for a person. Let’s take a look below to explore the few pointers which demonstrate the top ways to deliver negative feedback:

  1. Be Careful: Negative feedbacks, sometimes, hurt the feelings of an individual in quite an unknowing way. However, it is tremendously essential to be imperative of the fact that the feedbacks are required to be conveyed thoughtfully. They need to be in a respectful manner concerning the feelings of the other individual. Be firm and make sure that your words do not hurt an emotional state. On the other hand, irrespective of the former’s state of mind, sometimes, negative or harsh feedbacks results in awkward counter responsiveness. It may affect growth and lead to a stubborn attitude towards future proceedings
  2. Constructive Feedback: Those feedbacks work exceptionally, when, provided with an amalgamation of inaccuracies and development plans. Avoid criticism and instead, identify the faults together and further develop a better plan to rectify the errors. Helping an individual, whilst providing them with feedback, will immediately boost his motivation towards what he has been working on, followed by, a fostered relationship between the two. Constructive feedbacks work well and enhance better approaches. Also, it promotes better teamwork leading towards progressivism
  3. Always begin Positive: Once an individual is ready to hear his feedback, do not jump start with everything negative. It is imperative to firstly, talk about his upright qualities and mounting skills. Once, you make him feel comfortable, that’s when you start with deliberating about the shortcomings from his end. Commencing feedback with negative emotions and words will certainly trigger an individual to either go emotional or impact his actions. On the other hand, ending the conversation with a positive mark is equally vital. That’s when the person while leaving the room, will not feel unworthy. Always ensure that the commencements and closures are done on a positive note
  4. Clarity: The clarity into feedbacks is an essential element for an individual’s growth. Do not leave the other confused about his performance. In order to deliver impressive feedback, it is significant to be direct and not wrapping around with the words. The lack of clarity will create misperception. Also, clarity does not signify being rude or sharp with the other individual. Maintaining the volume and tone of your voice is as important as conveying the feedback. These work positively in favour of both, the listener and the conveyer. Clarify every point and throw light on the concerns which need to be worked upon
  5. Face-to-Face Feedback: Many times, feedback is delivered through emails to the individuals. Such feedbacks are often perceived as negative and impact the relationships in the long run. It is important to ensure that the feedbacks are delivered face-to-face. This approach will make sure of the clarity between the duo and that the progressiveness will not be impacted on a negative note. Similarly, the person delivering the feedback must patiently listen to the former, and together, they must develop planned measures to implement for the future

Feedbacks, when conveyed in a constructive manner works exceptionally with individuals. They either positively impact an individual or leave them stubborn and negative when conveyed inconsiderably. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the feedbacks are delivered smartly. The PGDM colleges in Delhi understand the importance and work together with their students to become aware of the intricacies related to the feedbacks. EMPI B-school, listed amongst the Best PGDM colleges in Delhi, train their students in accordance with the industry standards. The professionals, encompassing with a massive work experience, ensure their students are provided with the finest of knowledge. The students are also, offered with best placements and trained under expert supervision. If looking for an institution with a curriculum delivering excellence, EMPI B-school is the ultimate choice for your ward

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