Staying Focused While Managing Multiple Projects

 Big corporations hire project managers to plan and organise the flow of multiple projects. Smaller firms depend on their managers of every hierarchy to decide the same. Yet, project management team or not, today’s executives are almost always burdened with multiple tasks and expected to complete all even when multitasking has already been accepted as a myth. That is the current professional lifestyle. Your approach to handling multiple projects and the stress associated with it determines your potential and paints a picture of your efficacy. Thus, the curriculum design of the top PGDM courses in Delhi where the students are kept busy with numerous tasks at the same time, all the way being taught how to manage all without breaking down.

Eliminate, Delegate, Automate – the simple trick

Author Rory Vaden in his book “Procrastinate of Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time” introduced the principle called Eliminate-Delegate-Automate. And this idea often forms the core of what is frequently taught about project management in the top B-schools. To get started, make a list of all your tasks. Then, take each task and run it down the following steps.

  1. Eliminate

Can I eliminate the tasks from my life now? If yes, strike it away from your to-do list. If not, move it to the next stage of the funnel.

  1. Delegate

Can I take help and assign the task to someone else to do it for me? If yes, contact that person and assign the task responsibly. If not, test the task at the last step.

  1. Automate

The task which you could not eliminate or delegate, is there a possibility that you can automate? If yes, take some time now and create or invest in that automation software/process. If not, ask yourself one final question about the task.

  1. Can I make the task wait?

If yes, schedule it for another time and move on to the second task of your list and run it down the funnel through the same steps. If making the task wait is simply not possible, do it now. Your mind will know that you have considered all options and it will automatically focus on the job at hand.

The involved challenges

The Eliminate-Delegate-Automate loop is never complete until you address the underlying challenges. And this is where the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR solidifies your skill of multitasking without hindering your productivity.

Take the example of the office meeting. When you are already swamped with multiple projects and you know you have nothing substantial to contribute to the decided agenda, you must eliminate this task from your schedule currently. But getting out of an office meeting amicably is never easy. You are expected to attend and sit through. So, elimination must also be infused with negotiation. In the professional world, you cannot just chuck tasks off your list but have to negotiate your way out to show your supervisor that you will get more work done if you are not in the meeting.

Secondly, delegation is always not possible. One, the person you find to delegate the task may not be skilled enough to carry out the project. And two, you will always have this nagging feeling that no one else can do the job better than you, Here, the concept of ROIT or Return on Invested Time matters. If you take the time today to train that executive to carry out the task effectively, you will know whom to contact whenever the need to delegate comes up in the future.

Lastly, automation is yet to reach its glory where every nook and cranny of your job can be done by a computer. Your office might already have an automation software but you will frequently find yourself answering this step as a no as the scope for broadening the horizon of the software is out of your control. You can, however, employ simple tools like MS Excel to automate a portion of your tasks. Or, consider automating a few of your personal chores to free up more time for work.Howeve

Managing multiple projects calmly is possible

And the best MBA/PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR, like the EMPI B-School, teaches you the real skills of the trade. You can only focus when the other projects are not playing in your mind while you are working on one. You can allot time and yet wander off to multiple tasks. This is why 40-hour-weeks become 70-hours without control as the essence of multitasking is often not inculcated among PGDM graduates. EMPI starts working with its students early. Project management is a crucial subject that is not only taught in theory but put into application. The B-School uses such innovative and modern ways to make their graduates more productive and naturally more efficient in the professional world.

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