Peek Into The Fascinating World Of AdComm

How is it that there is a whole vibrant industry in front of you, right, left and centre and all around you and you know next to nothing about it! And its outputs are out there 24 x 7 x 365 days and you have to put up with that whether you buy it or not!! And its members are unusual creatures in flamboyant attire and use a crazy language of their own. And the strangest thing is while BPO and KPO workers crib about their graveyard shift people in this industry seem to thrive in it – their workday typically starts at 12 noon and end at 2 AM, well past midnight.

Welcome to the World of Advertising and Communication. Some of the most intelligent, creative, hard working and also very mobile people live in it. Let’ take a peep into what this world is like:

Advertising is an art of persuading people about the product or service by conveying the right message to the masses. It is one of the most important divisions which ensures competitiveness in the market. list of pgdm colleges in delhi ncr A career in Advertising and communication is a remunerative option in a fast paced growing economy.

A quick guide to the perplexed:

#1. Market Research job includes analysing the data generated from the target market say people’s view about a product or service. On the basis of the research and analysis, business and organisations plan new products or service or improve them. Market research guy will have to collect data, run surveys and analyse the data. In order to run a successful research you will have to:

  1. Meet the client to design a research project
  2. Come up with a plan to present it to the client
  3. Manage the financials of the project
  4. Design questionnaires and organise surveys
  5. Monitor the on-going surveys
  6. Analyse data generated from the survey
  7. Make a presentation to the client with the results
  8. Finally, use the data for your client’s benefit

#2. Client Servicing is the function that deals directly with the client regarding the marketing or the campaign-building process and is provided by a client servicing executive. You can start your corporate journey as an assistant account executive. Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi Your job will include connecting with the client and working closely with the company’s account team and develop strategies for the client at a different level. But mind you, client servicing person should be ready to juggle multiple client accounts with excellent people skill.

#3. Account Planning is a senior level job in the service department of the company. Account Manager’s role is to handle the finances and research aspect of the job which includes budgeting, zeroing-in the right media and listing down what client wants with the creative team, from the media planning department and the market research department. If you are a planning manager you will have to work closely with the copywriter to set the right brand tone with the masses. To fetch an Account Planning Manager’s job you should possess a strong analytical skill while dealing with the data, you should have commendable organisational and critical thinking skills. Get a proper training in technical writing, business administration and advertising as well.  

#4. Media Planning is the function that reaches the final message to the target audience, that is to say, message dissemination. There are two basic types of marketing communication – message creation and message dissemination. If you are a media planner you will have to decide which media to use like television, newspaper, store-display, banner ads, flyers, social media etc. You will have to strategize when and where to reach your target market. There are 3 question while preparing a media plan

  1. What is the marketing problem you are catering to?
  2. How will you translate marketing requirement into attainable media plan?
  3. How will you define a media solution with a supporting media strategy?

#5. Creative Department in an agency is divided into two sub departments

  1. Creative
  2. Copy

If you are a creative department executive you will do research on the kind of brand tone and arresting visuals which can grab the target audience and lead to sales. Whereas copy department guy works with a team of copywriters who put across the message in words like headlines, a body copy for a press ad, or a jingle for radio, a storyboard for a TV commercial. You might have to write and rewrite things which should be subtle and compelling like a sales pitch.

#6. Art Department works closely with the copywriters as they craft copy and art department create visuals for an ad campaign. Though the art department has the word “art” that doesn’t mean you should have drawing skills. Rather the job focuses on creative thinking.pgdm colleges in delhi The art department also has designers who need to be proficient in graphic designing, web designing and even product designing.

Advertising and communication industry is huge with ample amount of scope for creative people. You just need to find out where you fit in, develop your skills accordingly and make a mark in the market.

Avnish John
Deputy Manager
Digital Marketing Dept.
EMPI Business School.

Edited by
A.V. K. Murthy,
Professor Cum Co-ordinator (Library & Publications)
EMPI Business School

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