Millennials… Are You Really Using Social Media?

As a millennial don’t you find yourself totally engrossed with your gadgets quite often, even to the level of obsession? Millennials’ love to be online most of the time can be understood, given their exposure to gadgets early on,  yet how many of them are fully aware of the explosive yet positive results one can reap out of it? Let us keep aside the disadvantages of the online world for the time being and talk about how technology and social media can help Millennials benefit apart from just socialising online.

Being a business school let us explore how business students can leverage plenty of opportunities to network, interact and learn from the online platforms. With constantly evolving technologies at hand and becoming cheaper by the day, communication possibilities also explode exponentially. Student life should be a life to experience the world continuously expanding one’s horizons and enlarging his or her perspectives all the time. list of pgdm colleges in delhi ncr Not just through books, assignments and printed stuff but also from the online information treasure house.

How to put social media to work for you…?!

You may be a veteran while you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, punctuating your lives on daily basis. But have you ever thought of engaging social media aggressively helping you getting a task executed better, getting a promotion or hunt for a new job of your specific choice? Wake up to the possibilities of developing a definite edge over the competition and leapfrog.  Increasingly companies are scourging social media to identify that one individual specifically suited for a particular job. Referral is still the best way to land a good job and you should deploy social media for that in the right way.

Here are a few techniques to use social media for your benefit:

  1. A hygiene check of your online profile: Make it a point that your public information on social media is clean. Like no profanities, fewer party pics – consider removing politically divisive or offensive posts.
  2. Facebook is not the only channel you should be active on! Twitter, LinkedIn as well. Youtube is an added advantage.
  3. No fancy names, use your real name. People should be able to find your profile when they search your real name. Use one name across all platform.
  4. Refurbish your image as friendly yet professional across all platforms.
  5. Social media should be a platform that people could learn about you. What new projects you are working on. pgdm colleges in delhi What is the latest book you are reading? What kind of TV shows you watch.What articles you have published. What additional courses you have completed.
  6. Before networking on LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook make your profile stronger and impressive.
  7. Start interacting with people or send a request to connect to people you know. A manager from the firm you interned with, executive you met at the seminar etc.
  8. Send customised or rather a personalised message to people you don’t know.
  9. Groups are the best way to reach out to people with similar interest be it LinkedIn or Facebook. Connecting on groups can help you connect with the right people but beware, there are n number of groups so pick the best group you are interested in.
  10. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to showcase your achievements and experience. Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi Twitter is a great place for micro blogging – use it as a thought leader.
  11. Share great articles, news and try conversing with the major players in the industry. When you position yourself as an expert people will start following you and seek your advice and expertise.
  12. All this will increase your chance to reach the decision makers which would increase a chance of an interview.

The World is working with advanced technologies. Millennials! You being the flag bearers of the future should keep up with the speed and unlock the benefits of social media to launch your career.

Avnish John
Deputy Manager
Digital Marketing Dept.
EMPI Business School.

Edited by
A.V. K. Murthy,
Professor Cum Co-ordinator (Library & Publications)
EMPI Business School

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