#MakeAChildSmile – an EMPIans Social Initiative

#MakeAChilsSmile - An EMPIans Inititative

#MakeAChilsSmile – An EMPIans Inititative

Brilliant Idea – A Social Movement in the Making

It was a bright sunny day on a winter morning and EMPI Business School students came up with an innovative idea to make children smile. They thought why not to start from their own campus. There are a lot of workers in the campus like who takes care of the campus daily. Students of EMPI went to their houses met their children and found that they like to play with colours.

Students Brainstorming

It was then EMPI students started brainstorming and came up with an idea to raise a fund for these kids and give them gifts. They thought to use the festive season to raise donations. Colleges in Delhi For Pgdm Few students in the campus and students who were on their winter vacation came together as one family and thought of using social media and PayTM to raise funds.

#MakeAChildSmile Campaign Execution 

#MakeAChildSmile - Gift Distribution

 It was a process of 3-4 days that one of the senior students volunteered to give his number for PayTM fund collection and few other students teamed up to spread the word amongst others to donate for these little-underprivileged kids. EMPI B-School has an active digital marketing team. Students approached the social media team, designed a strategy to roll this social movement in the campus. Then came the #MakeAChildSmile – an EMPIans initiative to spread the smile. College administration gave a green flag to the students to roll this campaign. Students were excited went to the underprivileged children, clicked their pictures and used those pictures to make spread social awareness. The campaign took some time to pick up and when it caught fire people started pouring in money. EMPIans decided to end the campaign in a week but then extended the campaign for 2 weeks.

Gift Distribution – Spreading the Smile

Then came the day to distribute the gifts. Students decided to buy a small drawing kit and chocolates for all the kids. They requested these underprivileged kids family to gather in the campus front garden. It was a historic moment for all the EMPI ans. Best Colleges in Delhi For Pgdm Like the knights of happiness, they came with the gifts and distributed all the drawing kits to the little angels. They played with the kids and with a lot of smiles and satisfaction the campaign came to an end.

EMPIans – Knights of Happiness

It was a win-win for the EMPIans as they helped the children smile and they themselves were satisfied by making this social movement a big success on the campus. Next, they are planning to go off campus and help the children outside the campus.

Let us all appreciate EMPI students and join their movement of spreading more smiles.


Avnish John

Deputy Manager

Digital Marketing Dept.

EMPI Business School.

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