How to Land a Job in Google, Amazon or Uber?

The dream outcome of most PGDM students is landing a job in one of these big names. Google, Amazon, and Uber. Even Nestle, Microsoft, and Intel. All these tycoons of the corporate world are hiring more management professionals than ever and you will naturally want to be in that queue from where the employers take their pick. Joining one of the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR should naturally be your cornerstone, but then what? How should you design your career during and/or after your B-school to ensure that the likes of Google and Amazon notice you? Here are a few tips accumulated directly from real-life success stories. PGDM graduates, who converted their course into a top job, did so by following one of these routes.

  1. Work hard during your summer internship to ensure a PPO

You have certainly heard the buzz where good companies are a bit lenient while hiring their summer interns than absorbing full-time candidates. So, landing an internship in Amazon, Uber, Google, or Microsoft will not be as herculean. But once you are inside, you should make full use of the opportunity. Shut off all distractions and give your everything to the job at hand. The market is highly competitive and even stellar candidates miss out during placement season. Even with the best of skills, someone can easily outdo you to Google. If you are working as an intern in one of these great companies, you are already in touch with the right people. Impress them and land a PPO. Avoid keeping final placement as your backup and consequently taking it easy during the internship.

  1. Provide a solution to the company’s problem

Uber likes maintaining a start-up culture within their offices. Google believes in transparency and flow of opinion. You cannot expect to impress the recruiters of such companies by following textbook interview methods or merely showing off your management skills. The top PGDM courses in Delhi teach you out-of-the-box thinking. And you should put this mindset to work before placement season if you want to stand out of the crowd. Every big brand likes a problem solver. They want a manager who can efficiently and effectively clear away their roadblocks. Use your research skills to fish out a problem that the company might be facing and suggest a solution right there in the interview hall. See how much good that does to you.

  1. Add technical skills into your portfolio

At the end of the day, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Uber, are ultimately all technology companies. And they naturally prefer managers who come from a technical background. If you already have this box ticked, then use the time in your B-school to brush your programming skills. Go a few steps extra to add proficiency in a couple of languages more into your bag as well. However, if you come from a non-technical background and still wish to end up in one of these top companies, then use the courses offered by your PGDM college to build your technical skills. Good institutes in the list of PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR offer classes in basic and advanced programming languages, AI and ML training, and much more. This will be your opportunity to get ready for the technical magnates.

  1. Continue to use networking as your asset

People are still landing top-tier jobs in Google and Amazon through connections made through LinkedIn and Twitter. Candidates are displaying their skills over social media through daily updates of their successes and by engaging in meaningful conversations. Along the way, right from joining your PGDM college, through your summer internship, and even during your first or second job, do not stop networking with people and building valuable connections. Follow the CEOs and other managers over social media. Engage and converse whenever possible. Someone, sometime, will pick up on your enthusiasm and may come to you with a dream offer. The best part of these cream companies is that they scout for talent everywhere. This really gives you a shot, no matter where you are right now.

Top brands have top expectations. The managerial benchmark of Google, Amazon, and Uber is definitely high. Only the best B-schools like the EMPI, New Delhi, can serve as your gateway to market leaders and your development as a management student is in line with their demand. Technical training forms a key element in all of EMPI’s PGDM courses. You also learn entrepreneurial skills, form a high EQ, and sharpen your abilities to the right levels. Such futuristic B-schools can really be your matchmakers. Bringing the top companies to you and preparing you for them.

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