How to Choose a Futuristic B-School for Yourself?


Many still feel that choosing a B-school is the easiest step of the lot but in reality, it is the institute that ultimately decides the type of manager you eventually become. The top PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR exercise a certain level of autonomy with their curriculum and they have the authority to decide what subjects and skills to teach their students. It is fairly obvious that a B-school that is suited for one candidate may not be apt for you, or one follows an age-old pedagogy that may not apply in contemporary times. Thus, as an aspiring manager, you should not follow the scramble to join only the elite. Instead, you must base your decision on the following parameters and pick a futuristic B-school for yourself.

  1. Available courses

Selecting a B-school with the right blend of available courses will benefit you in two ways. One, you will get to explore the subjects you want to and have to and build a solid foundation for the management genre you want to pursue. And two, you can also get exposure in the auxiliary fields that are indirectly connected to your core choice. As a PGDM in finance, you will want to study global business as well, which is only possible if the latter stream is available at the B-school. So, check out the courses offered in your selected B-school. Make sure it has your preferred stream along with the connected topics that are required now.

  1. Course structure

Does the institute teach the involved subjects in the traditional lecture method? Or do they incorporate modern cases from real-world companies and give you first-hand experiences of the prevalent management styles out there? The way you walk through your course will dictate how much practical skills you are absorbing and hence, it is primary that you include the course structure followed by the B-school in your research. The information will be available on the institute’s website. If not, you can always contact the authorities or any alumni to find out more.

  1. Infused programs

Only the top PGDM college in Ghaziabad will recognise the transforming demands of modern times and infuse agendas in their management courses that work to make your skills futuristic. For instance, artificial intelligence has already started gaining prominence in the corporate arena and as a manager of the future, you can expect to work alongside the concept in some form or either. You will need to have the basic skills of AI. You will want to understand its scope in management and become familiar with it from all angles. Your B-school is the time to build the required foundation. And the best institute will infuse AI in your management program.

  1. Think tank

An elite B-school can only hold on to its top spot by reacting to change constantly. Modern businesses have to change their model in a moment’s notice as the current socio-economic scenario modifies itself at random rates. Thus, future managers need to learn in a curriculum that encompasses the past, the present, and the future, and such a complicated design can only come from an experienced think tank. A rich advisory council must continuously function to make the PGDM course futuristic, incorporate the required modifications, and teach you the subject in a way that works. Pick a B-school that maintains a think tank for every stream. You will want the expertise included in your curriculum.

  1. Testimonials

The best PGDM colleges in Delhi will always have genuine advocates from all sectors. You will find students giving you an insight into the B-school. You will also find business leaders giving the institute its due credit. And all these will never be limited to the management sector only as people from all communities will pitch in to offer their views as to how the B-school is truly making a difference. Read through the testimonial section of your selected PGDM institute. Look for diversity in opinions and the work their students do towards the society. The top college will never be only about academics. It will include CSR scopes, cultural exposures, and much more.

The EMPI B-school, New Delhi, ticks all the above boxes and is probably the most futuristic management institute in the NCR region. EMPI offers AI-infused PGDM programs, has collaborations with top companies, modernistic business analytics labs, and an industry-oriented curriculum. You pick up the right management skills in such colleges and receive the perfect exposure. And then onwards, it is only an upward curve that your career will ever see. Think out of the box while choosing your B-school. Become the manager that companies want now.

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