How to Build Emotional Resilience to Become an Enduring Entrepreneur?

Successful entrepreneurs are forged by failures. Those who can be emotionally resilient in the face of adversity come out as the winner and are naturally preferred in the corporate world to be on the crisis team. Emotional resilience brings out your true potential. A full bank account of emotional resilience keeps you efficient and productive despite the ongoing situation around you. And just like the standard bank account, you need to build the balance over time. When you run out of emotional resilience, the world falls apart.

Here is how you can work on your emotional resilience every day. The process is gradual as the account requires as much investment as you are spending in a specific timeframe.

  1. Learn the art of self-reflection

The best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCRencourage their students to engage in self-reflection daily. Research has shown that entrepreneurs and managers who self-reflect often are more connected with their work and stay emotionally adept in dealing with any situation. During such a session, your mind plays the experiences of the entire day. You reflect on the mistakes you have made, ponder on better ways to tackle the situation and make mental notes to improve further. Without self-reflection, you will be stuck with the same reactions. And with the same reactions, you will drain emotional resilience faster than build.

  1. Forego perfectionism

Achieving perfection is time-consuming. And it exhausts your emotional energy. Few areas will work without being perfect and might not require your hundred percent involvement. Once you start associating yourself with every single thing that is happening around you and expect them to have the exact outcomes you want, a little deviation will throw you into stress. You remain busy and have less time to invest in building emotional intelligence. Forgo perfectionism. Use the saved time to work on your passion or hobbies to reboot your entire system.

  1. Find inspiration outside

It is natural to feel drained after dealing with a constant set of challenges knowing that many more are yet to come. It is difficult to focus on building your emotional resilience when you have spent too much. This is when you need to reach out to your contacts and mentors to find external inspiration. The MBA PGDM colleges in Delhi have alumni meets for this exact reason. The purpose is to not trickle down advice to juniors or catch up with peers. It is about interacting with similar minds and share experiences as well. You also need to keep expanding your networks right from the word go. Depend on them for motivation when the time comes.

  1. Change your relationship with negative reactions

How do you react when you are stressed? You feel puzzled, agitated, lash out or get crippled? As you allow these feelings to take over automatically every time you are stressed, you will lose your emotional resilience reserve more than necessary. Change this association. Work on yourself to snap the connection between stress and negative reactions. A bit of stress can actually increase your productivity but spiralling stress can throw you off the bridge. Develop mechanisms to detect stress, then calm down. Maintain a journal to remind yourself that you have dealt with similar situations before and you can do it again.

  1. Walk out for a change

The PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR is not just about constantly motoring to learn management. There are also scopes of pursuing your hobbies, participating in cultural fests and semester/trimester breaks to allow students to let off steam. Why is the latter necessary? Because emotional resilience becomes full when you step out from the zone that exhausts you. If you are focusing too much on work, you need to walk out for a bit to replenish. If your business has been in turmoil for quite some time now, you need to call it a day and take a vacation. Rest is the best way to build your reserves. An overworked mind canrarely be emotionally resilient.

Recently, Satya Nadella spoke out about his personal anxieties regarding the coronavirus and his son who suffers from cerebral palsy. Yet, he is running Microsoft as he should and seeing the company through the pandemic-related downturn. That is what a full reserve of emotional resilience can do. EMPI B-school focusses on this fringe but important skills required to become future entrepreneurs and managers. The college places emotional resilience on the same footing as communication and body language. It is illogical to expect PGDM graduates to figure out emotional resilience on their own. By the time they do, their careers might pass. EMPI thus takes the responsibility of training upon itself. It helps both the candidates and the companies if the graduates are emotionally resilient.

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