How do You Become Job Ready Right After PGDM?

Over the past decade, many industry leaders, both Indian and international, have expressed their concerns about the skillset of the country’s workforce. They stated that the crisis lay in the massive gap between what the graduates know and what the industry requires. However, even amidst this, management graduates from the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR have continued to find employment with more than decent annual packages and led the country to believe that PGDM is truly the way forward to settle your career fast. So, if there was a concern about the Indian workforce not being job-ready, how did management graduates get employed? What do the top B-schools do differently that the other institutes are missing out on?

Modern B-schools collaborate with corporate establishments

Any academic will tell you that it is impossible to design a curriculum that will prepare the students as per the precise needs of a particular company in a particular industry. Graduates can only learn the ways of an enterprise after spending a few months in the company. But what the colleges and universities can do is to build a proper foundation that is nearly in sync with the average industry requirements and modern B-schools achieve that by designing their PGDM curriculums in collaboration with top corporate establishments. For instance, a good B-school will frame its Human Resources course in association with a large HR firm like ManpowerGroup while its General Management can have inputs from real estate companies, IT firms, and much more. Such a collaborative curriculum helps to bridge the gap. And PGDM students pursue their diploma in a way that makes them job-ready.

B-school communities give a certain level of exposure

All good AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Delhi have functioning committees on their premises which the students can become a member of from day one. These committees have unique responsibilities in an academic year, function with a similar hierarchy as the corporate world, and undertake projects to organise events and workshops that give management aspirants a certain level of industry exposure. In top B-schools, you will typically find committees like Interface and Humanist, Consultancy, Admissions, Alumni, and much more. You become a member as per your core PGDM course and mettle. You take care of your assigned tasks while working in a group and collaborating with other committees. With time, you also get to rise in the ranks of your own committee and hold managerial positions that help to further your skills. In every way, B-school committees prepare you for the future that lies ahead in front of you.

And then there are summer internships

In B-schools, summer internships are taken very seriously, both by the college you study in and the companies that come to recruit you for your internship programs. And it is the possibility of landing a PPO that serves as extra motivation for management students to work hard in their internship sessions. The top B-schools only invite the top companies to hire summer interns. And in the top companies, you gain the right industrial exposure by learning the trade directly from the enterprise. These bouts of internships help to bridge the skill gap more as the opportunity stands right in front of you to test your managerial knowledge in the real field and come back to the college to close your existing loopholes. The summer internship programs of B-schools directly contribute to the success rate of the PGDM crop.

The top B-schools adapt to the changing times

Good PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR will not stick to the age-old curriculum that used to work a decade ago. These institutions identify the changing needs of the changing times and adapt their curriculum based on those requirements. There is no doubt that the next quarter of the 21st-century will see a new technological revolution. The current management graduates will naturally find jobs in companies investing heavily in and applying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and much more. Obviously, to be job-ready in such a scenario, your PGDM course must be integrated with the nuances of these technologies. That is what the top B-schools achieve. They foresee the industry trends, include the attributes in their curriculum, and do not give the recruiting companies any scope to raise the point of skill-gap among their students at least.

The approach of the EMPI B-school, New Delhi, is similar. It makes you job-ready right as per the industry needs and places you in front of the queue when the rest of the workforce is still struggling to build the right skills. The PGDM courses in EMPI is AI-integrated. The B-school has collaborations with IBM, JLL, and Safexpress that contributed to their curriculum design. When you pursue your diploma from such institutions, be sure to be thoroughly prepared to join the international workforce. No one will hardly have any issues regarding your skill-set or CV.

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