Gender Diversity: Why is it So Important in B-Schools?

Modern B-schools are increasingly identifying the importance of gender diversity and the reason does not solely stand on some feminist propaganda. Many would like to believe that the current trend of absorbing more women into the PGDM classrooms revolves around the idea of motivating them to join the workforce. Others may talk about rights and equal opportunities. But strictly on academic lines, the top 10 PGDM colleges in Delhi with their eyes set on diversity look to bring in the benefits of having students with different mentalities. B-schools prepare you for the corporate world out there. And diversity plays a major role in making you strategically developed.

No business can run without a diverse think tank

The society has moved forward from that stringent patriarchal nature. Women do go out now and make their own shopping decisions. Any business that does not cater to women customers is basically losing out on half of the total market population and hardly any man can truly dawn a woman’s shoe and think like a female shopper. Take a very simple example of cars. Previously, they used to come with seats a fixed distance from the pedals, both in height and length, probably to suit the body structure of men. This trend continued until the point women joined the automobile engineering workforce and naturally, the technology of adjustable seats came on the table. Today, car manufacturers design their vehicles for buyers of all genders. Along with seats, even the looks follow unisexual psychology.

A similar but flip concept is applicable to the beauty industry. For a long time, the fashion and beauty sector focused heavily on the needs of women. It was diversity in the workforce that triggered the popularity of men’s grooming as well and brands of this niche suddenly doubled their net customer base. Take any B-school in the list of top ten PGDM college in Ghaziabad, the main motive of having gender diversity is to equip you with the skills to come up with innovative ideas for your company based on your viewpoint.

Experts believe that gender diversity leads to spirited discussions

Every one-sided business that you see today either comes either from their desire to stick to one niche or from a boardroom that is not at all diverse. When everyone in a group shares a similar background, similar conditioning, and similar outlook, innovative ideas cannot come out from such an assembly. Everyone would agree with the first insight. Hardly anyone will debate as their experiences are similar. Only when there is diversity does the ingredient of difference come in and suggestions like adjustable seats and women-centric motorcycles can come to the forefront. With more women in their classrooms, good B-schools look for in-depth discussions, different sets of opinions, and better conclusions of all debates that happen on the premises.

Along these lines, when a man gets some exposure to the world of women and vice-versa, he/she becomes capable of working in almost any company majoring in any niche. A man can then become the manager of a woman’s fashion brand for he has had the exposure in his B-school to tackle the challenges of the other market. True leaders put ideas up for discussion. They take all opinions. A diverse classroom inculcates this habit into the DNA of its students which ultimately helps them in their careers.

Gender-diverse classrooms lead to a global mindset

The top AIU approved PGDM colleges in Delhi will also look to transform your traditional beliefs and give you a professional mindset that fits in well in the global marketplace. And a gender-neutral classroom is the perfect place to start the transition where you can truly become a global executive. Your PGDM course is the right place to learn EQ skills like mutual respect, self-conduct, ethical behaviour, and so on. How can you possibly pick up these abilities if you do not have exposure to other genders? Gender diversity helps you to free up. Surpass the awkward phase if you did not have previous encounters. The business world won’t teach you such societal nuances. These have to come from the PGDM classrooms.

Naturally, like any other top B-school in the world, EMPI, New Delhi, also acknowledges the pivotal role that gender diversity plays in skill development. The college is dedicated to making you fit for the corporate world from all angles and working in a diverse environment, simultaneously reaping its benefits, definitely falls in that list. So, get over your inhibitions and go for a diverse B-school. Your mentality will change. Your personality will see a modification. Businesses today want you to work in a diverse environment and you must arrive fit to meet their expectations.

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