Do You have These Elements of Personal Branding

Personal Branding projects itself through so many facets. It covers the total personality of you including all that represents you on the job and outside. It covers:

  • You in person
  • Dress
  • Posture and gestures
  • Communication
  • Actions at all times
  • Performance at work

Your presence and participation in Social Media

  • E-mail etiquette
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Print and presentation ops
  • Seminar/ conference Participation and Presentations
  • Print media in professional and general press
  • Blogs
  • Social and Philanthropic work

Big deal. But then a big canvas to paint your brand. You have to identify exactly where you stand and consciously project yourself through all or as many as the modes above uniformly. pgdm colleges in delhi It is a tough job and it has to be consistent and cumulative across the board with no conflict between any. Any slackness or contradiction anywhere would give you away as a fake.

What and how would you like to project yourself as is the main question. It is you who should give the final answer.

Flashing an Archana Puran Singh laughter or following Honey Singh hair cut is fine so long as you want to turn out to be a real time TV jockey. But these have no place in the modern corporate world which is quite different from the show business.

It is not necessary that you have to be a jazzy wardrobe or exhibit a public school accent. What is essential is that you are authentic, natural and not faking it. Both Vivian Richards and Rahul Dravid were great cricketers and both had their own kind of brand image which was consistent right through.Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi Both have been under intense public scrutiny for over two decades and they have always been consistent in all that they say and do. Or for that matter even the bushy hair style the distinct regional accent, quaint actions and gestures of President Abdul Kalam did not make him unpopular. Rather these very things did make him out to be a natural and endeared him to people as ‘one of us’. Can you be as consistent as this.

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