CoHo Founder Met SUAVE 2016 Winners From EMPI Business School

Each year, EMPI Business School organises a highly competitive in-house competition called SUAVE (Start-Up Aptitude for Venture and Enterprise). It is a case game series to encourage case-based learning among management students in a competitive game mode. CoHo is one of the fast-growing startups in India. CoHo Founder met SUAVE 2016 Winners from EMPI Business School. SUAVE 2016 winner had the privilege to spend some time with Mr Uday Lakkar, Founder and CEO of CoHo. He is one the youngest, dynamic and fasts growing entrepreneurs in India today.

CoHo Founder Met SUAVE 2016 Winners from EMPI Business School

Mr Ashok, Head - Sales and Marketing, at CoHo

The students visited Mr Lakkar at one of the CoHo Villas. They also met Mr Ashok, Head – Sales and Marketing, at CoHo. EMPIans and the entrepreneur started walking the talk as they had a tour around the villa followed by an interview by the students. Colleges in Delhi For Pgdm Coho team arranged a brainstorming session with the students over their startup idea.

Idea Behind CoHo

CoHo is a hassle-free superior coliving

Mr Uday Lakkar said that the idea of CoHo is to make hassle-free superior living affordable, leverage technology for seamless user interactions, end-to-end services, from housekeeping to maintenance, WiFi and other utilities. The villas have an environment of community harmony, with social lounges equipped with various modes of engagement, like modern gym, pool table, and play station. Mr Lakkar also shared his journey from being a CA, CS, and then MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, to the creation and scale up of CoHo.

Valuable Advice

Advice to the EMPI B-School students

He gave some valuable words of advice to the students. He shared that more than education at the best institutions, practical learnings which he learnt from his parents, friends, teachers, played an important role in making him what he is today. He was more inclined to call himself a ‘businessman’ rather than a ‘startup entrepreneur’.Best Colleges in Delhi For Pgdm He felt that being called a startup is very much in trend. But what essentially matters is whether your startup is successful and viable from a business point of view. So he prefers to call himself a ‘businessman’, rather than a ‘start up’.

The students enjoyed the day and took back with them a lot of valuable advice. And needless to mention, they were absolutely amazed at the concept of CoHo.

Written by Raunak Gandhi, Bhawana Varshney, and Yashi Rustogi (Batch 2016-18)

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