7 Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed in the Pile

Crafting a resume that gets you noticed might not seem relevant while studying at the best colleges in Delhi for PGDM as employers will flock to you during campus placements but the skill is a lifelong one that will help you to switch jobs easily, grab opportunities and always stay on top no matter the competition level. Even during your campus placements, you will see some competition from your peers and placing a noticeable resume on the table will get you through the doors of the company you want to work for. Here are 7 invaluable tips in regards to that. Design and redesign your resume from time to time and get noticed always in the pile.

  1. Keep the influence of AI in mind

The big companies who will be visiting your campus should be using AI to scan through your resumes. And the bot will match the job description with whatever is written in your CV to spew a list of names it thinks is eligible for the role. Always assume that an AI system will scan your resume along with a human HR. Include the relevant keywords used by the company in their job description in your resume and try your best to outsmart the robot.

  1. Talk in numbers

“Helped my previous company to increase its user acquisition from 100 per day to 350 per day.” Or, “increased my college cultural festival fund by 30% by bringing in new sponsors within 7 days.” While skimming through your resume, numbers are the first things that will catch the recruiter’s attention and no one can argue with hard facts. Record your achievements in numbers and present them high up on your CV.

  1. Extend your work experience beyond jobs

Opportunities to acquire and sharpen your skills are abundant in the top ten PGDM colleges in Delhi and all these counts while applying for jobs fresh out of the B-school. You simply do not study in PGDM colleges. You remain involved in multiple activities that make you suitable for the corporate world. Be sure to mention these under your experience section. Or, create a separate section called “relevant experience” and curate it according to the job.

  1. Showcase your remote skills

Until 2020, you could still say that proficiency with Google Meet or Zoom is still not one of your skills or even if they were, you could leave it out of the CV. But the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the remote work culture into almost all companies and hence, remote skills matter now. Show your willingness to work remotely, if required, in your CV. Even if the company is not looking for remote workers, they will want to hire those who come with readymade abilities.

  1. Restrict your creativity on the CV

With nothing much to write in the resume, freshers tend to go overboard with the CV designs. And this places the content in the backdrop while your designing skills influence the recruiter’s impression. Today, there are other areas where you can channel your creativity. Make your LinkedIn and Facebook profile colourful and picturesque and design your CV with a minimal approach. Your recruiter will see all so keep your content as the hero in the CV.

  1. Write a story with your hard skills

Almost all CVs out there carry the hard skills in bullet format where candidates just mention the keywords without explaining much about them. Yet, we humans are wired to like and remember stories and find such content more interesting. Present your hard skills in a story-format right at the top of your resume. Say that you are an aspiring business analyst who loves a tricky challenge instead of just mentioning the word “ambitious”.

  1. Work hard on the cover letter

You will have to send a cover letter in 9 out of 10 jobs. In fact, this is the first thing you will learn in the best PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR that never to send out a CV without a cover letter until the reference is solid. Research hard to frame the cover letter. Personalise it to the company you are applying for. Figure out the company’s pain points from its websites and media releases and state how you can contribute to help.

Your resume is your ambassador in your absence. It speaks for you first in the interview hall. For this reason, the EMPI B-school prioritises the skill of resume writing in its curriculum as it is illogical to assume that all students possess the flair to write a solid resume. Crafting the key to unlock the door is as important as preparing for dealing with what is inside. Hence, EMPI stands by its students and trains them not only to become great managers but also impressive interviewees.

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