5 Ways To Prepare For The First Year Of Management School

Throughout the management school application process, interested candidates spend ample clock meter filling out admission forms, solving case studies and even polishing their interview skills to get into an institution of their choice. But there is one more thing which is equally important to prepare yourself for the first year of management school, which will have an impact on your job outlook.

Whether you’re just starting to make a list of your favourite institutes or you are about to take your first step towards your freshmen year as an MBA scholar, here are top five ways to successfully equip you for your first year of management school.

Show Up For All Your Foundation/Orientation Classes

It could be difficult to choose a management school that instantly springs you a sense of social association. One of the best ways to shuffling the community platform is by attending as many social events and orientation that are planned for new entrants. All these inviting social events are prime opportunities to begin connecting with your future classmates. If you were active on MBA forums or followed other MBA specific admittance blogs, then you may already have a head start on building rapport with your class. You can spend time on campus making yourself familiarise with the student’s resources before the semester begins. This will give you an additional satisfaction and give you a chance to adapt more quickly and align your attention on other exciting opportunities that you can go for. If you stay away from the college campus and aren’t able to come to campus early, find out if your college hosts a social media group for your class so you can start connecting with fellow comrades.

Retain And Maintain Your Current Connections

Make a conscious effort in connecting with the new batch mates which is supposed to be the first step in building your community. But in the process of interacting and befriending with the new cohorts, don’t miss out on your existing network once you’re admitted. Keep in touch with your favourite teachers or dig into your network who has gone to management school. list of pgdm colleges in delhi ncr This is the time when you can seek advice for your MBA plans. Ask for their suggestions and tip on how you can maximise your management school experience, and let them know your professional objectives. You never know when a mutual connective can give you a benevolent smile in getting a job.

Prepare Yourself For A Recruiting Season Before Hand

The time before the semester starts is the best time to pull up the list of companies that comes for recruitment at your campus. Research the contact details of the companies you’re interested in and find out a way to arrange an informational interview. Now it’s time to go back and polish the professional version of your resume. Make sure that your social media accounts, specifically LinkedIn profile, epitomises your abilities in a professional way. Once you have shortlisted the companies, set up a Google alert so that you’ll automatically get your hands on their latest updates. Collect some great material for your interviews which can help you get an edge over other competitors. Try to make an impression!

Work On Your Quantitative Skills

A fair number students in their freshman years lack some basic quantitative skills. Find out if your college has any program offering refresher camp before the semester starts. pgdm colleges in delhi A good number of students are interested in finance based programme. If you are keen to hit the ground running when the classes begin, review your course structure in advance. Make the best of these additional learning opportunities which will help you brush up your subjects. If you have recognised some weak spots sign up for quantitative skill development classes.

Cultivate A Reading Habit

Management students should read hundreds of pages a week to keep up with the market updates. If you haven’t had time to read the Economic Times or Hindu or Times of India articles in the past couple years, now is the time to improve your verbal and writing skills. Reading will help you work on your comprehending ability.

There are students who don’t have an interest in reading, this is the right time to loosen up those latent muscles now. Best PGDM Colleges in Delhi It would be an added advantage for the students who love reading as a potential summer hire to the recruiters.

If you think this is the right time to prepare for the first year in the management college, you would have found an idea what you can do. So harness your skills, get ready to learn as much as a business school has to offer you.


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